Wednesday, April 11, 2007

To quote or not to quote

To the annoyance of some of my listeners I quote extensively from
different sources. I have been asked the question, "He says this and she
says that, that's fine, but what do you say?". Well, to be honest, I am
prone to overdo a good thing.

Having said that, I find that quoting from a good source is like
borrowing wisdom which you don't have yourself. There are people, and
there have been people who have been great thinkers, they conceived
things and ideas that we cannot. But by reading them or hearing them we
are imbued with that idea and while that does not become our idea, it
does expand our mind. In someone else's words (forgot whose), "A mind
that's stretched by a new experience will never go back to its old
dimensions." So, even borrowed wisdom can be good for developing our

There are people who have something so beautifully that I cannot help
but quote that. I am not a poet, okay I do write poems when struck by
the mood, but I am not a fraction as great as these people. So, when I
want to say something that can easily and most beautifully be described
by borrowing their words, I do that.

To quote from Atharvaveda, "Let noble thoughts come to us from all
sides!". So basically, when I am reading quotes, I am in a receptive
frame of mind, I am listening... and we all know that listening is a
good habit that can be very enriching. According to Frank Tyger - "Be a
good listener. Your ears will never get you into trouble."

So, in my defense, I quote the masters in order to learn from them and
grow as a person! That's all, your honor! (I am reading Perry Mason
these days :) )

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