Wednesday, April 18, 2012

iPhone sucks - more facts

My original iPhone sucks post became too long, especially with all the people chiming in with additional reasons but I still keep finding out more reasons in conversation with iPhone owners.

So I decided to post a new one and collect the additional reasons here. Some of them are strong, other just inconveniences.

1. Those who own glass phones....shouldn't drop them! I was talking to my friend and she almost dropped her iPhone. Then she commented that she has done it before, and anybody she knows who owns an iPhone has dropped it once or more. It results in either the screen or the glass back shattering or cracking and they have to send it away to be replaced. Yeah, of course they have to pay or make sure they insure it and keep the premium payments up. She showed me hers, it had one big corner of the screen cracked. She was waiting to drop it again before sending it in.

So, this is how innovator companies do it, put a piece of glass in the front and back that'd make the phone heavy and crack easily. Does anyone think that Apple treats their users like suckers?

(I did a search for "iphone cracked" for the photo for this post and was spoiled for choice. As a matter of curiosity I did one for "Android cracked". Very few images...about 7 or 8.)

2. Free apps One of the commenters on the original post mentioned this. About 29% of the apps on iPhone App Store are free, whereas on Android 60% of the Apps are free. Funny thing is some of the same apps, by the same company/developer are free on Android but not on iPhone, for example, Angry Birds.

3. Back button Several commenters chided me for not mentioning this in the original post. On Android you can use the Back button to track back out of the menu system or applications. On iPhone you'll always be hunting  for some on-screen button to find your way around. Major navigation drawback.

4. Siri in UK. Siri, the much-touted voice-controlled virtual assistant software that prompted uncounted sales for the iPhone 4S is actually almost completely useless in the UK. That's not something Apple tells you before you buy the expensive, overhyped toy.

Another thing they don't tell you in the flashy (yes, I said that) iPhone 4S ad's is that Siri is actually in Beta. And it's not the kind of Beta that gmail was where everything worked even in Beta phase, it's the kind of Beta where people have issues with making it work or having it stop after a while.

If you don't believe me check Apple's own site and community forums. Here's a useful link and quote

"Siri is currently in beta and we’ll continue to improve it over time."

5. No multi-tasking. Even with iPhone 4S and 1GHz CPU the iPhone has no real multi-tasking. If you open a website and press Home to go do another task..when you come back to the browser, the site would not have loaded, it'd have frozen where you left it and will continue now.

Some of the commenters mentioned how the iPhone "decays" over time in terms of hardware and performance, like dropping calls etc. I can't comment as I have never owned one myself but people I have met before have mentioned things like that.

I'll probably update this post as I find more reasons.

P.S. A friend of mine told me he bought an iPhone because...wait for it...he doesn't like the colour of the background in the settings menu on Android. He's apparently okay with the restrictive interface of iOS where he can't arrange the app icons in anyway but a menu that can be customized with any of the many free Android themes offends his sensibilities. What do you think, fanboi in the making? 


Bikramjit said...

YEs I am not much impressed with the Iphone have heard a lot of bad things against it ..

I went for a htc myself and now looking for a galazy II .. the problems with Iphone was on a program on bbc too.. got a long list of customers who are not happy


Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Bikram, welcome back. :)

Wow, even BBC knows about it now? And still the fanbois keep coming on strong.

Ishan Soni said...

1. Those who own glass phones....shouldn't drop them!
There is a thing called Bumper case and if the phone falls to the ground neither front or back comes in direct contact but the case touches the ground as it completely covers the edges.. If you disagree try dropping your Samsung and check what touches first.. Even if you drop it face down the layer of the case at the edges hits the ground first and the actual screen does not touch the ground..

2. Free apps

Jailbreak and everything is free! And Appstore has many more Apps than Android!

3. Back button

I think someone crap-droid fanboy might have just held the iPhone for the first time and would not have found the back button! It's always there!

4. Siri in UK

I use it regularly for reminders, alarms, opening apps, translating text to other languages, activating/deactivating my Wifi, knowing the weather.. It works perfect!

5. No multi-tasking.

I just tried opening safari and searching something and pressed home button before page loaded.. when I opened safari again the page was loaded.. Donno from which crap-droid fanboys you get the updates about iPhone..!

Sunil Goswami said...

Let's go one by one.
1. Those who own glass phones....shouldn't drop them!
A. So you have to buy something to make the phone ok for use in real life. Great design.
2. Free Apps. Sorry we won't be discussing any illegal methods or workarounds on this blog.

When you jailbreak your phone you lose the warranty.

If you are jailbreaking your phone that means you are not happy with it.

3. Back button. Who are are you kidding. There is only one button on iPhone. Even if you were blind you could find it with your thumb, but only ONE button.

4. Search for any kinds of POI on Siri in UK or use it for navigation before you call it perfect. It's far, far from perfect.

5. I am very surprised to hear this kind of test from one in IT. Really surprised. This is how you will test for concurrency? Wow!

You'll be surprised that most of my updates come from iPhone owners past and present.

Ishan Soni said...

I got my bumper case for 1 pound.. if even a guy with a crap-droid can afford this!

I don't know how many times do I have to share links of jailbreaking being legal.. iPhone in itself is an amazing phone & I don't jailbreak because I am not happy.. I jailbreak because I get one kickass phone which none of the androids can ever match..

Donno to laugh or not on this one! Try and see in ahmad's iphone there will be a back button in almost every app for iphone and if there is not than there is better navigation options than a back button.. try appstore app for example.. Matlab back button ke bina toh duniya main kuch ho hi nahin sakta! Lolz..!

Accepted there is no navigation outside US par but only on this thing you can't write off SIRI.. You should use it before commenting on it rather than listening to crap-droid fan boys who have held the iPhone for the first time..

I just did what you said in your blog.. no rocket science in it.. The page was already loaded when I went back to Safari..

Sunil Goswami said...

I am not surprised any more that you are the great exception whose iphone is better than the 99% of other iphone users and who gets everything better cheaper or free.
Just because jailbreaking is legal doesn't mean you can steal other companies paid apps. You don't seem to understand this subtle difference.
Having Back button in "app" is not the same as having a Back button so as usual you show the fanboi behaviour of "There's an app for it" or "I don't need it."

I am not writing off Siri, I am saying it was not worth the hype it was given.

Multi-tasking doesn't need rocket science. But it is interesting that you are claiming to have something that Apple doesn't even claim providing. What a dedicated Apple follower. LOL.

Mike Jones said...

Forget Soni. He is lost in a garden that has nothing but apple trees. Life is about having variety somehow you think iphone is a god send. Its not its a an overpriced limited functional device. Idk why people defend such a product its mind boggling. Dont get me wrong iphone does what it needs for its users but it is very restricted. Jailbreak is stupid your doing something to a phone that should already exist. Get an mri and get an android izombie

Fuck iPhone 4S! said...

FUCK Apple!!! Fuck iPhone!!! If you buy an iPhone, I'll tell you. It's like you bought a fucking garbage from a dump and throwing money to the waste bin.

Go for the Android! (Samsung,HTC, LG, etc.), Sony Ericsson, or the most durable cellphone in the world, Nokia.

Anonymous said...

I own a galaxy S, Galaxy SL and galaxy mini and all of them are great!
1) Battery: I can replace the battery or get an extended battey.
2) Rooting and flashing: I flashed a galaxy SL firmware on the Gmini, took it to the service center and fixed it easily (I did it on purpose :D ) Rooting gives lots of options.
3) AMOLED: Awesome
4) Woflson and voodoo sound - Awesome
5) Budget: Galaxy mini is cheaper than many S40 dumb phones.

I convinced my aunt to switch to Galaxy Note. At first she refused but when she tested the device, she got one :)

The only good thing about the iPhone is the resale value, I can swap my iPhone 4s with the Razr Maxx at any time (I haven't even opened the gift warp from the box).

Anonymous said...

I meant Wolfson lol. Samsung phones are unlocked, which helps in ROM and kernel development.

Sunil Goswami said...

Hey, good points. What you say about Galaxy Note is very true. I am finding that this phone is not great on paper, all the reviewers and myself, didn't think it was a good phone simply because of the size. But they all came around once they used it and so did I. Anyone who sees this phone in real life, has the first impression of "Fucking hell, that's a phone?!" But once they see the features and actually hold it in their hand, each and everyone, including iPhone owners admit that the phone is really good and very useful in real life. I am not surprised that your aunt liked it. :)

Yes, I agree about the resale of iCrap, because of the brand name and marketing, the resale is good, which is good for us as well. We can get Android phones cheaper this way.

ThatDefault said...

Plus many people buy the iPhone because of the name "apple". When I was a kid, I wanted a Mac and an iPhone 3G (I was stupid :D ) Years Later, my parents gave me the permission to get a smartphone YES! I wanted iphone 3GS but I saw a picture on the internet - A cup of coffee over the iPhone. I saw that pic on XDA devs forum on HTC desire development forum, so I read about Overclocking and Custom stuff and since I'm someone who likes to mess with stuff, I wanted that phone but it was expensive at that time :( So I got Nokia E72 and in Jan of 2012, I got Galaxy SL and in Feb, galaxy mini and in march the original Galaxy S :) . My family loved android, My Mother has Motorola Razr, My brother has Galaxy SL and my father will buy galaxy Note or the S III. The only problem with android is marketing, android users are spreading the word, the ads don't really show the full ponential of android phones. Samsung should advertise more, galaxy beam will be popular if they cared about it.

And you missed 2 important cons about the iCrap.

1) No File explorer!
2) Limited RAM. 512 MB is not enough! The GPU cache and RAM preserved for system properties makes the available RAM even less! My SGS1 has 360 MB available to the user.

Sunil Goswami said...

ThatDefault - Nice one. I think Samsung should promote a slogan "Android family is a Happy family." Which you seem to have.

I need to find that picture, the cup of coffee on the iPhone. That sounds priceless!

Sorry I missed those points, but there limitations on the iCrap are just too many for one person to pen down alone. I have needed all this help from all you guys. :) Thank you for adding those.

I agree with you on marketing, Samsung needs to do more. That's where Android is missing out. So far the marketing share of Android has been increasing almost exclusively from word-of-mouth. I think it's time the manufacturing companies added a bit of marketing to it as well.

Anonymous said...

With these posts of yours, more than you think you're defaming Apple, you're actually putting Android to shame with your narrow mindedness.

You're another one of those Android fans who plainly lust after whats on paper, than what actually works. Android is the most fragmented and messy compared to iOS.

You rant about Siri? Siri, all this while was in Beta. That was CLEARLY stated by Apple. You compare Siri to JAR apps? Haha! Seriously, whats the point in arguing with you? None of that was EVER close to how Siri works. Siri is built on the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in computing. Those JAR apps, and even Samsung's "S Voice" basically takes your voice, compares it with the database and matches it to what you want. Apple is clearly ahead.

Google loves to launch everything "first", when its really barebones, and then fix it on the way, trying to show the world that they are not playing catch up. Apple on the other hand will NEVER launch something until it reaches a fair level of perfection and usability.

This is EVIDENT with the Maps event Google carried out a few days back. The app kept on crashing like no one's business. Is that how a company in Google's size should do a presentation? Clearly, there was no need for them, as Google IO is just some weeks away. But they did it cz they were scared of Apple and its new Maps 3D technology. Apple did it brilliantly.

This is evident with the ICS adaptability, at an all time low of only 5 percent, even when the OS is now a year old. And Google is already going to launch the next one. WTF? They clearly cant focus.

Flash has been killed even by Adobe. Now what?

Saw that new MacBook Pro with Retina display? Samsung can't even make rats ass of anything like that.

And do you know how Android was supposed to be before the original iPhone launched? I don't think you do. Learn it up.

On the sidelines: Your Blogger blog is really untidy, with too many links and stuff all messed up, plus that irritating avatar showing you as a desperate thing to "Be my follower ok". LOL, You sound like some random Indian spiritual baba. Nithyananda maybe?

Douche you are. Apple is too high for your standards. Keep with the shallow and cheap Android shit!

Sunil Goswami said...

Hello Anonymous,

Even though your post shows you to be an idiot studying to be a moron, I will try to ignore that and try to answer your post rationally.

I am not trying to defame Apple, I am just trying to warn people so they don't waste their hard-earned money on piece of shit Apple devices.

Android cannot be shamed by the likes me of me since I don't own Android and do not represent it. It's a mobile OS not a virgin passing through a dark alley.

Yes, I am an Android fan and I don't use the phone on paper I use it in my real life. Like an Apple fanboi I don't say "Oh, I don't need that feature!" 30 times a day, I have all the features that I need and then some.

Once again, what you frothing-at-the-mouth fanbois call fragmented, we Android superusers call Freedom of Choice. But what would an Apple user know about freedom? (Rhetorical question, of course)

I don't rant about Siri, it's too useless to be worth my time. And yes, I have seen Jar apps that were more useful and consistent than Siri. If there's no point in arguing with me wtf are you wasting your time for?

"S Voice" compares the voice with a database for a match and Siri reaches down your threat and directly reads what your heart desires? Do you understand even the first thing about Artificial Intelligence or any kind of intelligence? I suppose not. Or why would you buy an iPhone? (Rhetorical question again, of course)

Actually S voice is so nice and consistent that I have become lazier and started using it rather than pick up the phone do the same thing myself. I am planning to do a demo video on S Voice since I absolute love it and want to show it off. Might be a couple of weeks since my current film project takes precedence over everything else. Any time you want to do a head-to-head with S Voice and Siri, drop me an email and come to London.

I don't give a fuck what Google launches first or how their events go. Google doesn't own my ass like Apple does yours. If I like a hardware/software/service that Google provides, I will use it. If not, I will use something just as easily. I am not tied down like some too-stupid-to-know-better fanboi.

Who gives a shit about ICS adaptability or your stupid percentages? I have ICS, I love it. Case closed. You can shove your percentage graph where the Sun don't shine.

I can still watch Flash content on websites on my Android phone while you and other iZombies like you have their thumbs stuck up their ass trying to stop your brains from leaking. Now what?

Samsung makes the screens for Apple. That same retina display. Now go suck THAT rat's ass.

Why would I care what Android was supposed to be or how Steve Jobs owned your ass? I have an amazing Android OS, I enjoy it, and to fanbois like you I just say go fuck yourself. I mean after Apple is done with your ass, of course.

On the sidelines: Thank you for your feedback about my blog. I always like to hear different opinions and feedback on my blog. But I am not likely to respect the opinion of a person who was stupid enough to buy an iphone and then stupid enough to defend it publicly.

Your racist comment I will let slide for now, because I do think you are too stupid to know what to say and what not.

Whether I am a douche or not, but at least I am my own person, not some iZombie following behind Apple's holy grail.

If Apple is too high for my standards then it's a blessing for me. May it be too high for everybody in the world, and may all the people the world be able to afford the shallow and cheap Android shit so they can enjoy the freedom. Amen!

(Feel free to come back for a retort when your ass has healed from the burn from this response. And keep in mind that I will AGAIN match your tone perfectly.)

Oh, btw, welcome to my blog! ;)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Love your blog! Well, just for hating on the iphone haha. It's about time someone knows their shit and is using facts. I love your argument because even for the things you do not know, you state that and say, "so i cannot say for certain". I remember reading somewhere that someone was pissed off 'cuz you used too many links or something like that. Why do they hate credibility? haha. 'Cuz they know they cannot handle the truth! As I'm reading, I do not feel like you are sugar-coating anything, it feels really unbiased, love it! I myself pretty much hate everything apple. The OS, style, price, hype, everything. I do have an older nano 8gb only cuz I needed space (I know have 22 gbs of music) and a friend was selling for 50$. Even crap pieces is worth 50$ as long as its 8gbs LOL. But yea, I hate how you cannot use their products as a USB storage device or EVER have a choice for additional storage. My samsung RO was like 90$, 8gbs, added storage, radio works, you do not have to use a computer to get it to work, and even comes with an accessory hook. Unneeded but still! (The headphones that came with it are awkward shaped but are the best I've ever heard for as far as included headphones go.) Along side that, I hate how apple doesn't understand UNIVERSAL in regards to their port/dock/other stations. Also, I heard the iphone 5 port will be changed making your old iphone cord obsolete. So now apple is not even compatible with itself bahaha. Also with the new iphone 5, heard the screen is gonna get bigger. Finally! It took them 4 phones to do so? 3.5 is fine for the 2nd version and maybe the 3rd, but not after that. I hate apple how everything is way too overpriced. (Like, electronics get super cheap as time goes on, but never apple products.) I remember in 6th grade in computer class (while the monitors were big and flat screen LCD's were coming out) there was only one mac which NOT ONE person wanted to use. I wonder why? Apple is just a rip off of everyone and everything else!

To the guy who tried comparing apple to samsung, apple is supposed to be a primary provider, samsung is supposed to be a secondary or even tertiary, which is why their prices are low. And they still make better products which last longer. I have never heard or said, "my samsung [product] sucks", I wonder why?

All in all thank you! You now have a new follower! Have a good day and God Bless!

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Anonymous, Thanks for that comment, it made my day! :)

I was just sick of having arguments with every fanboi I met so finally I decided to write that post with all the facts in one place, and then this one followed as I found even more facts. I don't really hate iPhone, I despise it. And the funny thing is I don't despise it for its technical limitations, I despise it more for its hype and price. It's way overpriced and overhyped for what it is. If they were selling it between £50 and £200, I would not only not despise it, I would advise people to buy it. But they sell it as a high-end phone and it's NOT a high-end phone. But there are lots of Apple fanbois out there with more money than sense, and they refuse to see the truth staring them in the face. Oh well, I try!

Once again, thanks for your comment, and welcome to my blog! :)

Mike Jones said...

That other poster anonymous is very foolish. We fought a civil war to abolish slavery and civil servitude why would anyone buy an apple product with apple being the tasker master? Hell no. I think people are mistaken about android fanboy behaviour. I love android and alot of other people too. IMO its not that we are fanboys we buy products that give the most suprising results and android fits that bill. Anonymous foaming mouth boy you are in apples garden wayyy to deep. That dumbass tree is taking all the sunlight, your not getting enough vitamin d in your system and your showing signs. You can stay in that walled garden and decay from lack of sun exposure while apples wallet blooms from your incompetence. You support a fascist company that sues over dumbass non unobvious patents. Imagine the world with nothing but iphones we would be soo stone age. As far as apple not releasing something till its perfect is a stupid ass comment. Apple maps? Really you know its TOM TOM maps that has been working very stable for a long time so you fail. Get an mri in fact move a bit from that apple branch. I pray you become androidized you mindless sheep.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Android and apple , Nokia FTW

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Wind TV. For some reason your blog won't accept comments from my Google account, I had to post this as Anonymous. Do you know why?

Apple sucks said...

Nice blog. I completely agree with you. iPhone sucks, and all other Apple products suck (okay, the new iPad doesn't suck as much as other iCrap but is still overrated). I found out that almost every con of iPhone has its logical explanation:
1. No microSD card slot: I realized this one when I heard about Samsung canceling the 64GB Galaxy S III. When you have a microSD slot, you don't really need 64GB internal memory (I'm actually fine with 500MB I have on my Xperia Arc S). That way Apple can earn more money, by not including a card slot and overpricing the 64GB version.
2. MicroSIM only: to create an illusion of iPhone being equipped with the latest and greatest technology. This doesn't help the user much.
3. No Bluetooth file transfer: to reduce the possibility of copying iTunes paid music to other devices.
4. No mass storage mode: because they want to control what the user copies to the iPhone. Now that's real dictatorship.
There are other cons and explanations but I'm too lazy to write them, as I'm currently on vacation and my battery is low, so my Xperia could turn off any seco...

Sunil Goswami said...

@WindTV - I don't know why Google is not letting you post as yourself, but it has happened to me before, mostly when I try to comment from mobile browser. Might want to log out, clear cookes then log back in before commenting.

@Apple Sucks - Thanks for the comment. Love the name btw :).

Yes, Apple's technological decisions are based on selfish business reasons. Like their limitation in early versions to not allow tethering because it would hurt their business partner. So people could not use their own phones as they liked because Apple was evil.

The same kind of selfish, corporate thinking is evident in all these decisions as you have outlined.

Have a nice holiday. Don't be nomophobe, leave the phone off. ;)

Apple sucks said...

Yep, you're right. Apple is very money-hungry. I'm not sure they will be able to survive without Steve Jobs or someone like him (I wouldn't agree about him being irreplaceable).
My holiday WAS nice, it's over now. I enjoyed it as much as I could. I'm going back home tomorrow.

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