Friday, January 28, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 7 - 27th Jan

The day was quite okay, in terms of level of alertness. Caffeine dose today was only a tea I made myself in the morning. But there was no headache today. I did feel tired, like aching back and legs, that could have been from the caffeine withdrawal.

Was working from home, so more time in front of the computer and less breaks, but still didn't feel like I was too tired. Actually, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fall asleep easily. Did some housework and that made me a little late for the planned 18:00. So I was in bed about 18:08.

Evening 27th:
The nap:
Last evening for the nap and later for core sleep I had followed the advice of other polyphasers to leave a small lamp on. Since all the lamps I have are too bright, I just left my TV on. No, no, don't get on my case yet, let me explain!

My second computer is connected to my 26" LCD TV by way of a VGA cable. I use it to watch movies, TV shows etc. etc. since I don't watch any live TV anyway. (These days my second laptop is down with Windows-itis so it's my 4th computer, my little UMPC that's performing this duty.) At night, I put this on blank screen screensaver so I can sleep. Last night I left it on, so it was a little more than a small lamp but less than a big lamp. Actually, I can reduce the brightness with a different wallpaper.

Anyway, I couldn't do it for the nap today as it was too bright for me and I was not too sleepy to begin with.

So going down at 1812 I set the alarm for 20.00.

Then I woke up at 19.35 and saw the time and tried to remember what time I was supposed to be up. It felt like I was coming out of core sleep until I saw the time (Most of my clocks including phone and laptops are in 24 hour format.)

Time arithmetic is never easy to do when my head is filled with woolly clouds. So, I tried to sleep couple more minutes then checked the set alarm time then finally just woke up. By 19.40 I was up. Feeling rested and fresh once I sat up.

And hungry, of course.

Time now is 20:30 I'll update this with next mornings findings before posting it. That's my usual practice, btw, even though I post in Day-long chunks, I type it after each part of the sleep in order to capture all the data that's fresh in my mind.

Morning 28th:
I don't know what happened there. I woke up before the alarm rang, exactly at 0545, but it took a LOT of willpower to keep my eyes open. It was the return of the "Let me sleep or kill me" feeling. Thankfully, it was Friday.

The only thing I can think of is, last night I took a gulp of Lemsip Max to fight off the cough/cold I have and it immediately made me drowsy. It must have some alcohol in it. I lay down about 0045 last night though I closed my eyes only at 0100. Fell asleep within about 15 minutes by my guess and this morning...still had that same drowsy/drunk kind of feeling.

I am considering treating this as a "sick" condition and taking a long sleep tomorrow not getting up until my body is ready. I figure by now I should be able to do that for one day without abandoning my schedule but I also had another plan to early morning tomorrow.

Further on today though, the drowsy feelings hasn't left me yet, even after my Chai and one hour of travel, so it could be more than just Lemsip, it could even be the accumulated sleep dep. We'll see how today goes.

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