Thursday, January 27, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 6 - 26th Jan

The day was okay, I had work and meetings so didn't have to fight off sleep but sleep dep was there in the form of some tiredness and in the head.

Got a headache from the second meeting, about 11 O'clock, but realized later that that must be from lack of caffeine. I hadn't had any coffee today, just a mild tea in the morning. But continued with headache and didn't feel too bad.

But just like yesterday it got worse as time passed. The cough added to the headache. Caffeine withdrawal might have given me the headache but at least I didn't have nausea today.

Was feeling pretty tired by 16:30 which is my leaving time but didn't try to nap in the train, sticking to the schedule for the time being.

At least once in my life I do want to try Uberman sleep pattern and see what it feels like to be awake 22 hours a day every day!

Started at 1800, but of course, the cough was a factor. Still did fall asleep in about 20 minutes I think. Woke up faithfully by alarm about 1948. Felt sleepy of course, but I think it's more the seductive warmth of my bed then actual sleep that's hard to overcome. But I can't sleep without a warm bed either.

But still got up and had milk and toast for dinner. Which was a mistake. It's the safest fastest meal in cough and cold but I forgot to put a tea bag in it. That could have helped with the headache but oh well.

After a while felt the most alert and awake I have felt since I started this routine. Other than the headache, really felt that I had extra time.

One of the problems with reading about Polyphasic esp. Uberman is that I feel like Biphasic is trivial stuff. But can't really do Uberman or even Everyman while I am working full time. Though I do want to reduce the sleeping time under biphasic, maybe to 1.5 + 3.0 if possible. I might even try a triphasic combo though most people say they don't work.

I don't feel like sleeping 6 hours a day is a good use of the time, esp. when there are options like Uberman doing only 2 hours in the whole 24 hours a day.

Let's do some sleep arithmetic, shall we?

5 days in the week I sleep about 11 and get up about 6. If I get up at 5 to play or have breakfast, then I feel the sleep dep in a day or two. Not sustainable.
And still Friday evening I feel so tired I sleep about 1900 and sleep till about 0800 Sat morning. That's 13 hours.
Then Sat night I stay up late, usually till about 0100 or 0200 and sleep about 10 hours.

So, in a 7-day week I do..
5 days x 7 hours = 35 hours
Friday night = 13 hours
Sat night = 10 hours

That's a total of 58 hours.

With the new routine I will have 6 hours x 7 days = 42 hours. A net saving of 16 hours in a week. That's 2 working days every week! Combined with alertness, health benefits, energy levels, quality of sleep I think basic is well worth doing even at that saving.

Morning 27th Jan:

It's getting hard to assess progress now. I mean, hard to pinpoint and say how difficult it was to wake up. For example, this morning I was quite business-like - the alarm rang at 0545, I woke up, looked at the alarm, and propped up an elbow.

I did feel like I wanted a few more hours of sleep but I still got up. So, as I said, it might be getting easier, or it might be just today. I should mention again that I didn't have to go to office today so I could easily have slept 2 more hours without any issue.

On health side, cough is still there, and may be responsible for the slight headache, but other than that the energy level is good, I felt fully alert and awake even as I was brushing my teeth. Usually, after even 7-8 hours of monophasic I am about half-asleep for a couple of hours or until my shower, whichever is first.

The benefit I am looking forward to with biphasic, other than getting more time, is the eradication of the "let me sleep or kill me" feeling in the mornings. On the flip side is the joy I currently have in sleeping late on weekends, but who knows I might enjoy being up and at'em early when I have the energy and the drive for it.

These days I do enjoy, or used to enjoy, the Sat morning period of rolling over and going back to sleep several times until finally urge to check email would prevail over the desire to roll over one more time.

So, in short, with 6 days of the biphasic experiment gone, things are still good.

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