Monday, January 31, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 10 - 30th Jan

Evening 30th:
I still have that feeling that I don't have enough time in the day. And as such even though my body is ready for the nap mentally I feel pressed for time. Felt this especially during this weekend.

As such today's nap was relatively uneventful. I was feeling quite sleepy right from 1730 so went to nap exactly at 1800 with an alarm for 1945.

Woke up at 1900 and got up. Got up because it felt like I had finished my nap, even though I looked at the time.

Morning 31st:

Woke up by the alarm right on the dot of 0545. Needless to say I had gone to bed as per my schedule at 0100 last night. Another things I had learned this weekend was that MP3 songs are slightly less effective as alarm on this schedule. So, last night I changed my alarm sound to beeps and it worked this morning.
The motivation to stay up was also from the pressure to get ready and go to work today.
Even though I was awake quickly, I am still not very alert as I was on Friday. I put it down to three reasons,

1. Monday morning

2. Lack of caffeine (Chai Latte is very weak in caffeine content)

3. Deviation from schedule on both weekend mornings.
I am happy to report that my cough is almost gone, so I don't need to deviate any more. And I don't have any caffeine withdrawal headache and don't exepct it.

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