Monday, September 13, 2010

Photo Challenge 2010

Not an official challenge, just me challenging myself. And I should start by quoting that "If you have never failed, you have not challenged yourself." Yeah, as you can guess I could not meet the challenge.

My colleague Derek had taken 2200 photos in his 4-day visit to a car show. I wanted to match that number in my 4 weeks of India. But try as I might, I could do only 1600-odd photos in that time. But I am happy with that outcome and also, with that experience behind me, I know now how to take 2200 photos in that time or less. :-)

It would be bad to talk about photos so much and not give a couple of examples, so here are a couple of unedited (except resizing) photos from my trip. More later.

Click on them for a proper view esp. the last panorama.

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