Sunday, May 18, 2008

More advice for Vista haters

Sometimes you feel like you are surrounded by money-hungry, self-serving coroporations that want to take over your life and don't want to leave you the freedom of taking decisions even though it's your money they are feeding on.

What pissed me off on Friday night was that I went through hell trying to install XP on my Vista laptop because of the SATA drivers. HP doesn't provide SATA drivers for XP because they don't want to piss off Microsoft (popularly known as Microsucks), so finally I got those from another site and used nLite to slipstream them into my XP installation as described in my previous post.

Then I could not find the video card drivers for my nVidia card for XP. That really made me mad. I mean if you pay 100's of pounds for a laptop you expect the manufacturers to support you in using it for anything more than a paperweight. Well, guess what, they are your friends only if you follow their advice/orders/recommendation to use Vista. So, nVidia, the makers of the graphics don't provide drivers for it at all. HP, the creator of this wonderful laptop do have the drivers, BUT for Vista, if you are so crazy as to not want the crap Vista on your machine then you are on your own.

Well, thankfully, there is a way out of this anarchy. Just like the creators of nLite, there are these people at solve the problem for you. These wonderful people take the drivers made by the money-hungry manufacturers and modify them so that they can be installed on more machines. And believe me, that process of downloading the modified drivers and installing them is not only easy and effective but also well-documented so anyone can do it.

Again, I just wanted to share this extremely useful resource with everyone, the ranting was just incidental! :)

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