Sunday, March 09, 2008

Celebrating Uncertainty

Some of you who read my blog, (since the counter crossed 1000 visitors mark I am going to stop saying 'all six of you'), might remember when I was ranting about my current mental state regarding the big questions and beliefs in life. If you don't you can read it here

Recently I started reading a book by Osho, a book that I bought in India, because Osho is a man I immensely respect and admire. His books have some very odd titles, this one is called - "Courage - The joy of living dangerously". Now, anyone who knows me, (and you should if you read my thoughts on this blog), would know that that title is like a magnet for me.

In the foreword, he explains the meaning of security, insecurity, certainty and uncertainty. Let me quote - "Don't cling to any certainty. Life is uncertain - its very nature is uncertain. And an intelligent man always remains uncertain.
This very readiness to remain in uncertainty is courage."

Now if you think that didn't make me feel better about all my doubts and confusion...hehe... you better see a doctor!

I am still reading the book and it is fantastic. The simply-worded, profound kind of book that's full of guidance and direction. A typical Osho book.

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