Thursday, April 19, 2007

Laute, Laute, Laute!

This is what my QA manager, Peter, used to say when I was working with
him in Germany. In English it means, "People, People,People!" and he
used to say it in an exasperated or mock-exasperated tone, normally
accompanied with a sigh! He would not say people are good or bad but
just repeat this one word with that tone and expression particular to
him. I mention this because it is a good indication of what I think
about people. People are funny. People are good. People are bad. People
are interesting and people are boring. But people is what this world is
made of.

Look at pleasure, if you go with the right kind of people, you can have
a lot of fun no matter where you go for vacation. Even if you don't go
on a holiday but are surrounded by cheerful, mature people who
understand that life is all about fun, office can be a fun place to be.
On the other hand if you are with grouches, complainers, victims and
bores then a vacation in paradise can just easily depress you.

Look at business, if you know the right people, you can get things going
and be a success. Starting or running a business is almost all about
finding and employing the right people. With the wrong kind of people,
you can not only ruin your business, lose all your money but also lose
your health, your peace of mind and your sanity.

A businessman who handles the demands of running a big corporation day
in and day out, knows the value of a good secretary. A good manager is
one who can manage people not computers. Mature companies, even the ones
in technology, look for managers with managing experience and not
technical knowledge. People is why the HR firms have a job.

Or look anywhere. If you are married, finding the right divorce lawyer
can mean the difference between keeping your house or living in a pipe.
If you are not married, finding the right girl can mean the difference
between a happy marriage or looking for a divorce lawyer in 2 years.

I am sure, just like in my life, there must be people in your life who
bring a smile to your lips when you think about them. And similarly,
there'd be people you'd cross the road to avoid when you see them
coming. There would be people you'd call across the ocean to talk to,
and there'd be people when they call, you immediately start thinking of
an excuse to hang up.

My personal target is that I should have more people who would want to
take the time and expense of calling me and fewer people who would let
the machine pick it up when they see my number on the caller id.

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