Monday, February 27, 2017

The best teacher award

..and..the best teacher of 2016 is....

The crowd goes wild. Applause! Cheers! Whistles!


What year is this?

What country is this?

What UNIVERSE is this?

Because in our universe, in our world, teachers are not celebrated. It's the filmstars and sports personalities that are celebrated and applauded.

A teacher can literally change your life. Yes, literally. Our teachers have great influence on our life choices, our confidence, the skills we acquire and the way we approach the world. I can still track in my character which traits were influenced by which teachers in my childhood. And later when I learnt computers.

In contrast, actors and directors, provide you entertainment but mostly what you see is fake. Fake on the screen, fake in the press and fake on the stage. We even know this.

Mind you, I am not saying that the film celebrities don't work hard or what they do is not important to society. They do. It is. Hard work should be rewarded and recognised in every field.

But that's it. In EVERY field!

That doesn't happen. In reality, making a film makes you a star with billions of people shouting your name, and changing lives on a daily basis condemns you to a life of meagre and ignoble existence.

We live in a world where teachers and scientists live and die with hardly ever a mention and filmstars and singers are celebrated like they invented the sunshine.

In Jubal Early's style...Does that seem fair to you?

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