Friday, January 17, 2014

Need for an Atheist Dictionary

Even though I don't say it very often because I don't like to offend people (hehe, just kidding, you know me by now!) but I am very much against organized religion. Some time in the future I will talk about what's wrong with it and why it makes my stomach turn but that'd be a long post and being a self-proclaimed lazyass I keep putting it off.

But right now in this (hopefully) short blog post I want to say that I see the need for an religious to  atheist dictionary which would help people like me in times of stress. Look at some of the expressions we use in a normal day.

Oh my God! (Or my version "Oh my fucking god!")

When the occasion calls for an exclamation the best I can do to protest the religious nature of this expression is to not capitalize the "god". When speaking I can't do that so I add the F-word as an adjective.

Jesus Christ!

Taking the Lord's name in vain is considered blasphemy so being anti-religion I enjoy using this one.

"God knows when ..."
"God willing I will be..."
"Go to Hell!"
"God bless you!"
"I swear to God, I will.."
"So help me God.."

You see a pattern?

Now what can an atheist use in situations that call for this kind of expressions? Hence, we need a dictionary that would contain the translations of these and all such expressions in the non-believer variety.

For example -

Oh my God! = Oh my non-existent god!
Go to Hell = Go to your imaginary hell!

I am thinking of getting a group (Read: Cult) together to start this project. Any volunteers?

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