Thursday, January 03, 2013

Wake up India

The recent 16th December incident has shaken me, not just by its brutality but also by the facts that have come out to show how prevalent this evil is in our country.

As a common man, there is not a lot in my power, but one thing is well within my power and that is to raise my voice against the current state of affairs and demand a change! I was sorry that I was not in India to partake in the protests that followed the outrageous incident but it occurs to me that there are more ways than one to take part in a revolution.

I may be less than a drop in the ocean but drops have a habit of joining together and becoming the flood that cannot be stopped. To that end I am starting this series on my blog tagged as "Wake up India".

And I am reminded of the old expression from pre-Independence India -

खींचो न कमानों को न तलवार निकालो
जब तोप मुकाबिल हो, अखबार निकालो

[Do not bend the bows nor unsheath the sword.
When faced with the cannon, use the printed word.]

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