Wednesday, December 12, 2012


No, I don't have anything to say I just wanted to comment on this extraordinary date!
what's extraordinary about it, you ask? Nothing! Not a single thing. Except that this kind of sequence will be not occur for the next 89 years until 1/1/2101 now.

Big deal!

When I was younger we had Halley's comet appear in the sky and there were news stories on how this won't repeat for another 89 years or so. Or was it 900? Anyhow, I was impressed. Only to realize a few years later that there was something else happening in the sky that was equally rare. Then another few years get the idea.

I have seen some of these amazing sights and lived through some such wonderful (?) dates but I stopped being impressed with them.

My philosophy now is...forget about the next 900 years or even the next 100 and...MAKE THIS MOMENT COUNT!

'nuff said.


Irfanuddin said...

yes....agree with you Sunil....its always the present moment, one should be taken care for....

Bikramjit said...

true what u say sir.. make the best of what we have


Always Happy said...

People in my office were talking about 12/12/12 being special and that such special day would now come only after several years.....i felt sad that i was not going to be around to witness another such special day but on second thoughts i wondered (like how you said) why worry about the 90th year....let me enjoy the days that i actually witness in my lifetime!

Sunil Goswami said...

Once again block replying. :)

@Irfan ji, it is good to see that you liked my post.

@Bikram, please don't call me sir or I will start calling you sir, Sir. But happy to read your comment, of course. :)

@AH, that's the thing strikes me as weird. People are capable of ignoring present happiness and living in future misery. I am glad us bloggers are not like that. :)

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