Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone 5 - Great innvotator or Piece of Crap v 5.0?

After ALL that hype, after all that long wait, even after one false alarm and extra wait after 4S, this is what the great Apple has the gall to produce? Wow!

Now, I am very sure nobody but the die-hard Apple fanbois would be able to say that this is a good phone.

The best thing you can say about the iCrap 5, oops, sorry, iPhone5 is that at least Apple is trying to catch up with the Android models, unsuccessfully of course, but at least it's trying. The realistic thing you can say about iPhone 5 is that Apple is once again trying to shaft its customers by selling them something below-standard by using its marketing machinery.

The screen is now 4 inch, most of it used to make the phone taller. I'd like to hear from the fanbois who used to swear on their dead grandmother's grave that 3.5" was THE BEST and the only SENSIBLE screen size for a smartphone. It had the perfect reach for your thumb and it was just SO PERFECT in every way. What's the word guys? Are you going to admit that Apple lost the plot? Or is the new PERFECT screen size now 4 inch?

Even so it's not the best or the biggest screen in the market. Samsung Galaxy Note with 5.3" and Galaxy S3 with a fantastic 4.8" screen are still ruling the market. And any fanboi who stands next to me and dares to pull out his puny 4" piece, and tells me it's great, will get my answer, "Dude, you are just jealous because mine is bigger!"

The screen has good pixel density though 326ppi compared to S3's 306ppi.

Finally, Apple has caught up with 4G. But NFC is still not delivered even though promised.

Still a dual-core processor, but iPhone's processor has never been top of the range starting from the first model itself.

It doesn't have HSPA+ which is amazing for users in the UK where 4G is still in the works.

Most of the new features are just playing catch-up with Android and are 6 months to 1 year behind times. Others I am sure are Apple-customized. For example, Bluetooth is upgraded to 4.0 but I don't expect that iPhone users would still be able to transfer files to other devices without cables. Wi-Direct and things like that...well, that's just unfair to ask!

I am happy to see that camera has gained some good features like 1080P full HD recording at 30fps and 2.4 aperture, but I would wait to see any good photos from it before I believe it. Apple has a way of fucking up these things despite good spec's. The iPhone 4S camera was also touted to be a great 8MP snapper but was a shitty piece of crap in the real world.

Even with with iPhone 5 camera I don't expect it to have zero shutter-lag which is a reality with Galaxy S3's camera.

Of course, if you can count on Apple for anything it is to play its own tricks on the users. The current trick is a nano-sim. Yes, you read it right! It's even smaller than the micro-sim. Does Apple care how inconvenient for its users? What? Apple? Care? Don't make me laugh!

Anyway, enough about the latest iCrap. Ask me how my web series is doing. ;)


Wind TV said...

Hi again. Just to make it clear, I still hate Apple and iPhone, and I would never use an Apple product. However, some of the facts you said above are partially wrong. For example, a dual-core processor isn't that bad. Check out this page: . You can see that new Sony Xperias with the dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipsets easily beat the quad-core Galaxy S III. Also, people should be thankful for Apple finally having mercy to bring the screen size to acceptable measures and to get rid of that good-for-nothing 3:2 aspect ratio. Personally, my favorites are screen sizes from 3.7" to 4.3", and I only accept 16:9 and 15:9 ratios. Of course, that's just my opinion. If you like big displays, I respect your opinion.

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