Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 fanbois - Dirty Jokes

These are my creations, not from the internet (the picture is from the internet). To be honest, they are not all about iPhone 5, some are just on Apple fanbois. Some are not so dirty either but you know....

Why couldn't the iPhone5 fanboi satisfy his girlfriend? 
He had only 4 inches to work with.

Why did the Apple fanboi cross the road? 
There was an app for it.

Why did the fanboi's girlfriend couldn't get any action all night? 
She wasn't holding it right!

Why didn't the Apple fanboi kiss his girlfriend? 
There was no app for it.

Why didn't the fanboi bite into his apple a second time? 
It looked like Apple's logo.

Why do fanbois close their eyes when being photographed? 
They are afraid of the Flash.

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