Friday, May 25, 2012

Spin City - M.J. Fox

Man, I love this guy! I watched his "Family Ties" and he was a young man in that. I got Spin City only because it had M J Fox in the cast and it's totally worth it. Even as a young man he used to be amazing on screen and in Spin City he's still got that magic. The show is awesome, and it's because of him.

As per a quote from another TV show, "M. J. Fox never looks at the camera."

I just finished watching the finale of Season 4 where he's leaving. They have done a great job on it, an emotional episode but still very funny. Normally, I would stop watching this show at this point and dump the next 2 seasons but I know who's replacing him in the next season - Charlie Sheen. He's another one of my favourites and a worthy replacement. I am very curious to see how he fits MJ's shoes though, won't be easy. But I wanted to write this post before I moved on.

People who are obsessed with height and write essays on the success of tall people in the world must see Michael J Fox in action.

Here's a video clip from Spin City. I loved this dialogue (you'll know which one I mean) and it's just a coincidence that it's delivered by MJ. Enjoy.

Btw, for the males in my readers, the hottie in the clip is Connie Britton. 

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Bikramjit said...

Never watching this serial .. oh boy god knows what world i live in


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