Friday, October 01, 2010

X-Men 3 - I hate anti-logic scenes

It's pet peeve of mine to witness scenes where the movie director tries to put one over on the audience, be it something related to technology or just plain logic. And my blog, well this is my forum to bitch about everything that bothers me. :-)

Let me lay the groundwork for it before I point out the flaw in reasoning.

1. The movie is about mutants. These people have special powers due to the mutant gene in their make up.

2. In this third movie of the series, a company invents a cure for this condition (I don't buy that mutation can be reversed by an injection, but it's their story, so whatever.)

3. There is one mutant, Jean Grey, a class 5 mutant, played by Famke Janssen. She is more powerful than any other mutant and can literally wreak havoc when her power is loose. She has two sides of her personality - the sweet, loving side and the ugly, power-mad side. She cannot control her ugly side.

4. There is a teenage boy, who is the source of the cure, and any mutant's powers don't work around him.

5. The villain, Magneto, with his army of rogue mutants decides to capture this kid from the factory where he is being kept.

6. The good guys find out about Magneto's plan and come to the factory to support the soldiers who are already there loaded with plastic guns full of injections of the "cure" that can be fired like bullets. Any mutant that gets hit by it becomes immediately powerless and just like a normal human.

There is a big fighting scene in which a lot of rounds of the "cure-bullets" are fired and the good guys are finally winning. They whisk the boy away out of the factory successfully. They even manage to neutralise the big boss Magneto but then Famke lets loose with her power and suddenly everything is chaos all around now.

And here's the scene I don't like. This one hero, called Wolverine (Hugh Jackmen), goes up to her, he can heal quickly that's one of his powers, so even though he keeps getting damaged as he walks closer to her, he heals and keeps going.

So, Hugh walks up to her, delivers his little speech, says I love you, hugs her and sticks his long blades into her that come out of his knuckles (his main power).

Now, here's my beef with this scene. Right here, on this same property where everything is going on, there is a boy who can "cure" or suppress a mutant's power just by standing next to them. And right here, on this property, are countless injections of the "cure" lying around that can permanently change a mutant into human.

So, why didn't they send the boy to Famke, he could walk right up to her easy as eating pie and the chaos would stop. And then somebody, anybody, could shoot an injection into her and fix her for good.

Since she was a nice person apart from her power-crazy split-twin, she was worth saving. So why didn't they?

I can understand what the director was trying to do there. He wanted to create a tear-jerker scene there by virtue of this lost love and sacrifice for the greater good. He failed in that miserably and pissed me off at the same time by going this illogical route. Don't do that again, Brett.

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