Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Saga of Medicine

Medicine - what a wonderful thing! You absolutely hate the taste. You loathe the after-taste. It's so expensive. And yet, you keep some in the house, always, and can't wait to take it, (willingly in most cases), when you fall sick.


Because of the after-effect. No matter how much you cringe away from that foul-tasting thing, you know in your mind that you won't feel better until you take it.

Some situations in life need an emotional medicine. You may not like to face them, sometimes you don't like what it says about you, sometimes you don't want to believe that this has happened, but somewhere, in the back of you mind, in that little logical nook, you know you have to accept this situation like a bitter pill or you won't get better.

It takes courage, it takes fortitude, it takes self-realization, most of all it takes an acceptance of defeat. You cannot just face the Sun and deny the existence of shadows, you have to accept them both.

Why am I talking about all this nonsense that you already know? Because I am down with flu right now and it so happens that I am taking both pharmaceutical and emotional medicine right now. Because I know well, that without taking this medicine, I would not be able to put this thing behind me and move forward.

Once the medicine does its work and you can move on, what then? Back to work! Oh yuck! Let's not talk about that today, I am already nauseous.

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Sagar Goswami said...

Sorry to know that you are down with flu, I hope You'll be able to fight with that soon, Of course with the help of a course of medical treatment. Other than that I'm totally faint to learn that being in a situation of sickness one can right this type of stuff too, yet another example of your writing skills. While reading I thought you would probably talk about taking tablets to reduce the Headache, whilst it's just the Mental satisfaction that works to reduce the headache.

But at the end I got to know that you are seriously down with flu, which leads me to write comment :)

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