Friday, June 13, 2008

I love technology!

What is technology, just a number of digits, electromagnetic pulses, graphics, programming, embedded, mobile...blah, blah and more blah! It's all crap, meaningless drivel until.....yes, until it comes to play a part in your life. Until you can watch a movie 1000 times clearer and watch it again without rewinding it you don't care what a DVD is. Until you can play a game that looks like it's going to come alive right out of the screen, you don't give a hoot what a graphics card is. Until you can talk to your kids studying on the other side of the globe in real time, you don't care a damn how telecommunications is changing the world.

So, to make a long story short, science and technology for its own sake is what people like Einstein can get excited about (and may be a few million geeks) but the ordinary person, the so-called layman (I don't what he lays but that's what he's called) only gets excited about it when he can see the change that it makes in his own life. That application of technology never ceases to amaze me no matter how many times I come across the examples.

One time I was cooking something and I went to grab the handle of the frying pan while it was on the stove and I found that the handle was much less hot than it should be. Made of special metal, no doubt. That made me utter one of those "wow, this is so cool" things.

Recently I came across a similar item. It's called Virtual Reality glasses. Strictly something for the gamers of this world. I can do better than describing them by showing you the video demo of this amazing product. Take a look.

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