Monday, August 27, 2007

Running in someone else's shoes

...he is running, unshaven, constantly on the road, looking behind, trying to shake the dual gun of terror, escaping the widespread net of FBI, trying to stay one jump ahead of the long arm of the law. But that's not all he has to think about, any moment a bullet from an unknown, unseen assassin's gun might fry his brains. Oh yes, the Mafia does not forgive!

...his eyes are darting left and right, looking for killers in shadows, his ears, straining, seeking any sounds that might mean danger, the cocking of a gun, the screech of tires, anything...

...he sees a phonebooth and jumps inside with the speed of a rabbit on the run from the carnivorous predators, and closes the door. Frantically he finds the right change, dials a number and ...

...starts explaining to his wife (or girlfriend) why he's not as bad a man as she thinks, he's framed, a victim of circumstances and his enemies!

At this point, I always think - What an IDIOT! The world is behind him trying to cut his life short and he is risking his life to make a phone call and for what? To try to convince a girl who doesn't even believe him? Pah! (This "Pah!" thing is growing on me, I must stop this).

Anyway, I have seen a lot of action movies and I have thought this thought many, many times. Until...

No, I never got chased by the FBI or threatened by the Mafia (so far the only threatening phone calls have been from my credit card company), but I have been in situations where a lot is at stake, money, career, reputation, professional prestige and amidst all that I was more worried about a certain girl and how things stand with her at this moment.

Our thoughts and emotions are not always evaluated and sorted as per order of importance to the world or our materialistic lives. They usually follow a pattern of importance to us, to our heart. When I used to write a diary on a daily basis (now it's more of a sporadic pattern), I usually ended it with UMTs - Upper Most Thoughts - jotting down whatever was on mind, right at the front.

Try it sometimes, just sit down and scribble your thoughts on a piece of paper, only one or two words to a thought. If you can, follow it up again, some time. Is there something or someone that keeps cropping up in those notes? You might be surprised! :-)

It's a sunny day here in rainville England so I am going biking. To the library. Cheers.

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