Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Unconditional Love

What is this thing called "Unconditional Love" that everybody seems to be after? Is any love unconditional? Ok, let's leave the gold digger/giggolo kind of love apart, still do you find unconditional love anywhere? Even a partner who loves you truly, dearly, from the bottom of their heart does expect you to love them back, don't they? Even a mother expects you to love her back even though she starts loving you from an age when you don't even know what love means.

Hmmm, let's analyze the profile of a person who would love you unconditionally. Such a person would love you with all their heart, not thinkng about anyone else, even if you don't love them back. Even if you openly tell them so and even if you show no friendliness or even courtesy towards them. So, a person who wants to see you, talk to you, love you, be with you, even when you don't want any of that and show your unwillingness.

I think the police have a name for such a person - Stalker!

Think about it, the profile fits perfectly. You don't want anything to do with him/her, he/she wants everything to do with you. Next time you ask God to give you unconditional love, you might do well to keep this in mind. According to a Chinese proverb:
Be careful what you wish for,
You just might get it!

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