Thursday, May 10, 2007

The lottery

Someone sent me a forwarded joke about a genie and 3 wishes.

I was thinking, if I got 3 wishes, what would I wish for?

Come to think of it, I wouldn't wish for anything. Honestly.

No, it doesn't mean that my life is perfect. But whatever is missing I
want to work for it. The struggle is as much fun as the achievement that
follows. Sometimes the struggle is more fun.

I do not believe in winning the lottery. For one thing, I have had this
conviction for a long time now, that I am not the lottery winning kind
of lucky guy. I am lucky, very lucky, but not that type of lucky.

Secondly, I have not heard of anyone making a real big splash in the
business world based on the money they won in a lottery. Lottery winners
lose the money just as easily as they win. Easy come, easy go. That's
why there is a certain value associated with "hard-earned money".
Lottery give you the money but not the sense and sensibility to handle
money that comes from working for it over time.

Where's the fun in everything just happening as you wish for it. Heaven,
to my mind, will be a very boring place! Something to strive for,
something to look forward to...that's part of our build up.

After working hard on a project, when your boss says, "Good job, Joe.
The client is very happy!" Will it have the same value if he said that
every morning you walked in no matter how hard you worked, or didn't
work at all?

I am glad I have no relatives who could leave me huge amounts of money.
(Not that I would refuse it, if I got it :) )

I still remember making my first 30Rs. Yes, that was my first income
that I earned by tutoring kids. There was a sense of pride and
achievement everytime that went up to 50, 60 or 70Rs. Small amount of
money. Chicken feed. But the feeling - priceless!

Making your first 1000, your first 10,000, your first million, your
first billion! All achievements beyond compare. All of them!

Getting your first million? Inheriting your first Billion? I don't think

I read a story about a larva that's trying to get out of its shell. A
man helps him by breaking away the shell. The larva was supposed to
slowly struggle with that shell and break it slowly, gradually, earning
his strength in that struggle, by means of that struggle. Because of the
help, it never had to struggle, never got the strength in its wings and
it never flew....never became a butterfly!

There's no magic lamp to give you that gratifying feeling of achievement
that is the reward of every struggle!

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