Tuesday, February 13, 2007


So far, at least 7 different people have asked me what are my plans for
Valentine's day. And to all of them my response has been the same - No
plans. I don't care for the stupid conventions.

But nevertheless, Valentine's is a big day - for florists, lingerie
stores, card shops, jewellers and thousands of other merchants who have
made this a big day. I am not against expression of love, not at all. I
am all for it. What I hate is the idiotic commemoration of love.
I admit there are a few who get a good chance to propose on this day,
but what about the rest of the humanity? I will give you 10 to 1 odds
that the majority is of people who feel more lonely and depressed on
this day because of the big, hyped-up reminder of the fact that they are
alone on this day. The other 364 days doesn't matter but this one day
makes them sadder because of the sight of red heart balloons in every
store window.

I am reminded of a line from a Hindi song, it's about the festival of
Holi and the girl sings, "Tum ho to...har raat Diwali...har din meri
Holi hai.."

To me V-day is the Friday, I can get off work early and spend a couple
more hours with my girlfriend. Which is of course my laptop. But if you
were my girlfriend what would you prefer - that I spoil and pamper you
the whole of 14th Feb and come home after 11 O'clock every night on the
other 364 days? Or that I spend time with you regularly, care for you,
love you and make 14th the same?

Last year, on 14th I had a gf and I spent the day with her, hectic day,
lots of travel on my motorbike, buying things, arranging things for my
travel past midnight that night. We did manage to steal a few hours to
have leisurely lunch in a very nice restaurant. But we would have done
that anyway as I was leaving for Germany that same night and the
restaurant was right behind the court where I gave her the power of
attorney to use in my absence.

This year, no such plans. I can though. There are a number of things I
can do, I can make plans. I just don't want to. 14th just puts extra
pressure on a relationship that's just taking hold, or a relationship
that doesn't exist but in the mind of only one party? This pressure
makes people act in imprudent ways and then they repent, shot down,
overcommited or just plain confused! Happy Valentine's Day, now you feel
lonely AND stupid!

I'll wait for somebody to tell me that these are my bitter rantings
because I don't have a girlfriend at the moment. Or that I have low
self-esteem issues or something.

Till then, have a nice day!

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