Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Day the Amazon Went Stupid

I used to think the Amazon was a sensible service which was all about the customers. And then they go ahead and combine their video streaming service with their Prime membership. So when my Prime membership is renewed in a couple of months I'd be paying £30 more per year for a video streaming service that I don't need and don't want. I can cancel my Prime membership but I can't opt-out of the video streaming service. How great is that?

Well, being the vindictive person I am, I will not only cancel my Prime Membership I will start looking at other web-based shopping services for the things that I used to buy at Amazon. I am sure there would be other people who would be looking elsewhere. And while this is true that Amazon would not be crying at the loss of my business, as we all know "every little helps."

Way to the lose the trust of your loyal customers Amazon!

So, I went to my Prime Membership page and clicked "End Membership". There is an option to end it when it comes to renewal. I chose that. Mine was due in renewal in about 2 months. I could have waited until then to cancel but this way I make sure they can see this as a result of their stupid, fascist decision. If enough people thumb their noses at Amazon this way, there's a chance, albeit a very slim chance, that the Amazon management may regain their senses.

Now since I won't have the Prime benefit of free one-day delivery, I will have no special reason to buy everything from Amazon. I am pretty sure there will be a lot of other customers who will have the same kind of behaviour change following Amazon's one-sided decision to force their video streaming down their customers' throat.

And later in history books when the question is put to the students what brought about the super-successful online shopping giant they will be able to point to this date and this decision.

End of angry rant!

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