Monday, December 20, 2010

My new love - Sugandha Mishra

Yes, you read that right, I am in love with this girl!

Who is she?

She's an extremely talented radio jockey and trained singer whom I found in the 4th season of my favourite Indian comedy show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. I had been searching for another one of my favourite comedian Kuldeep Dubey when I came across a clip that featured Sugandha. And she blew my mind!

Let me count the reasons why I love her.

She is extremely talented in mimic'ing the voices of female filmstars and playback singers, not only of India but from the western world as well. The quality of her mimicry is awesome. She can not only talk like the filmstars and singers but when she sings in their! I had never heard any comedian try to imitate Celine Dion before, but she did and she did justice to it. Second time she blew everyone away was when she said "Namaskar" in the voice of the singing goddess of India - Lata Mangeshkar. Absolutely fantastic!

Then her comedy. She creates this fantasy situations with the singers and celebrities and then goes through their dialogues and songs. Her material is amazing. She selects well-known songs to parody, they are well-known but not easy to sing, and then she sings them extremely well, with changed words for comedy.

Both her dialogue delivery and her singing are awesome! And her comic timing impeccable.

She has great screen presence. Never seems nervous or ill at ease.

Within her own format, she creates ample variety to entertain everybody every time. I can see Siddhu jumping out of his chair every few seconds when she's on stage.

And to top it all she's cute like a doll! I love her smile!

Okay, after that kind of introduction, I have to give an example. Here are two of her clips. Sorry, they are in Hindi and refer to a lot of Hindi songs, so you can enjoy it well only if you know your Bollywood well.


Sagar said...

Hi good to readout a new article on your blog. I was waiting for something new other than movie reviews. I read your article and watched videos and I find out Not very impressive, I'll give her zero in comedy, although she's a good singer, and an outstanding talent of mimicry. But as far as comedy is concerned It's not even bearable to watch the whole episodes. I know her when I used to watch TGILC then also my opinion about her was same. I'm not agree with the fantasy situations she creates with singers, she try to let us think the way she had prepared her dialogues, even while singing she has to tell every bit to the audience like subtitles. And her material, not to speak of amazing, it's not even bearable. That's a very old thing to use in comedy to mimicry someone and change the words of song to make people laugh. Truly saying I didn't laugh on any single moment not even Shatrughan Sinha laughed, he smiled because he appreciate the talent, Bappi da didn't laugh that much on comedy punches, but yes when she says "Namaskar" in Lata's voice, everyone including me amazes. But dialogue delivery and comic timing both are not impressive. Screen presence is ok ok.

Boss come out of the Matrix, Sidhu jumps cuz he got paid for it OR there's must be springs on his chairs, look at Bappi thinking (kahan fans gaya yaar), Shatrughan sinha when sidhu dip on desk he thinks (Oh, is it time to clap?).

At the end I'd like to say, I never discourage the talented people, She's so cute like a doll, even her smile is too good, I'm sure if she would sing on the radio No one can guess if the real singer is singing.

But i wrote this cuz I wanted you to come out of TGILC dream.

Sunil Goswami said...

Well, tastes differ and you don't seem to have any. You only like the jumping clowns type of comedy.

About comic timing and reaction of other judges, that I'd chalk that up to your lack of observation skills.

Yes, I am not saying she invented comedy, but she does well she she does. As for the old, in the words of William Shakespeare, "There's nothing new under the Sun."

But anyway, that's your opinion and this is mine. The way you tell me to come out of the TGILC dream makes it seem like you think you know everything there is to know about comedy. Well, I don't claim that. As I have admitted in another post on my blog, "I am not young enough to know everything." You apparently are. :-)

Sagar Goswami said...

You are right tastes may differ but I'm not here to change your opinion about her. So I'd like to mention that I'm not fond of jumping clowns type of comedy. If you think other than Sugandha, comedy is jumping clowns, then I feel sorry for you.

I can send you some great examples of excellent mimicry of singers, with laughing punches and change words, you can compare yourself.

I don't stick with the beauty or talent, I just go for better whose video I can watch more and more without being bore. I may have lack of observation, but I don't wait for judge's reaction when I laugh, it's when there's nothing to laugh neither shekhar nor shatrughan laugh and Sidhu jumps out, that's the thing I pointed out. If Sidhu laughs it doesn't mean it was funny.

Of course, there's nothing new under the sun and she played her role very well. But if you call it awesome comedy then you must be joking or just admiring such a beautiful girl.

Boss you are much much older than me in fact very much older than me :P You've seen number of comedy scenes, so many books, even you've played a comedian role in your former company (Germany). So, obviously you are aware of most of the stuff which make people laugh. After this stage you write a article about THIS thing, that's made me think about you and your taste. That's why I called it come out of the dream.

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