Monday, August 22, 2011

GiffGaff - A Shocking Mobile Network!

I have been meaning to write about this for a few days. I came across this mobile network last weekend. You see I was looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy SII and not finding any offers that looked really attractive. And during that research on one mobile network review website I saw this sidebar of a ranking of top mobile networks. I was quite shocked to see that the top ranking network was none of the big names but just an unknown contender called GiffGaff!

So, curious creature that I am, I did some more research into it and found that this is really a virtual network. Meaning that they don't have their own network infrastructure, they use O2's network. Apparently that's something that's done. More than one company do that but they are all companies. This network, GiffGaff, is like a co-op of mobile networks. They have a total of 16 employees!

Two things that attracted me to this network immediately. One, their rates were really, really good. For a tenner I could have 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet. And their mobile internet is really unlimited, no fair use data policy! Two, people can actually earn cashback by providing customer services, posting in their forum and other things like that.

I ordered a free sim right away. But it took 5 working days to arrive. I got it last night when I got back from my weekend.

Right from the packaging you can see it's different. Unliked a big envelope filled with marketing material that you get from a major network, this was a simple, small envelope made out of a single sheet of paper. Inside was only the sim, nothing else, not even a single paper for marketing! Who does that!?

I activated mine immediately with a £10 top-up. But it was after 10PM so it was activated this morning. I checked the internet first and the speed was deliciously good! But I get good O2 signal where I have moved to.

So, finally here is a link where you can order a pre-paid sim (they don't do postpaid) from GiffGaff. It's an affiliate page which means that if you order and activate a sim, you and I both get £5 phone credit! In the spirit of fairness I should mention that you get the same credit even if you order a sim directly from their website, but if you order it from my link I also get £5 credit. Isn't that great! A network that treats people fairly, who would have thunk it?

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