Saturday, April 02, 2011

Yes, we hear you!

Okay, what is it with you girls? Why can't you talk normally like us in soft, normal tones? Any time, anywhere I see a couple of women, or god forbid, more than a couple, their voices are always high whenever they converse, with a blatant disregard for their surroundings.

Imagine a train compartment, two girls talking to each other sitting next to each other. 4 seats away from me. Their faces are so close together they could hear each other's whisper and yet, their voices are so loud that the whole compartment can hear them. I have my earphones in with a movie playing on my tablet and STILL I get interference from them. So your friend's boyfriend is cheating on her and you gave her the advice to have it out with him, but I don't need to hear that!

The funny thing is, if suppose some guy went up to them and said, "Hi, I am Dave." I bet their first response would be, "Excuse me, we are trying to have a private conversation!". Well, you are not!

So, I ask again - what is it with you girls that makes you want to broadcast your private conversation like this? I can't believe you are not aware of your surroundings. Research shows that women are more perceptive and adapt faster to a new social environment.

Could it be that you think what you have to say should be classed as a Public Service Message and made mandatory in schools?

It can't be just a simple desire to be obnoxious, can it?

Are you showing off your voice-training lessons?

Does your companion not understand English very well and you think talking louder will solve that?

You think the ticket inspector will not ask for your ticket if your conversation passes a certain decibel level?

You forgot to exercise this week and want to burn the extra calories by speech?

None of these make sense. There must be something I am missing.

Oh well, the mysteries of life!


Always Happy said...

Burn EXTRA (?) calories by speech????

We do talk in normal soft voice but you men just cannot think of anything else but our looks and our coversations!

Sagar Goswami said...

Hehe :) ROFL on AH's comment. I'm sorry but I found this one funny. Keep rocking guys.

Always Happy said...

Thanks Sagar. You can take one side - mine or Sunil's??

Red Handed said...


Sunil Goswami said...

Oh, did I touch a nerve there girls? Did you NOT know that you were broadcasting to the general public?

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