Friday, April 08, 2011

My new addiction - Wii Obstacle Course

I am getting addicted to this Wii Fit Plus game - Obstacle Course. The video will give you an idea of the gameplay. In a way it's a good thing because the game is meant for exercising. You actually run in place on the Wii Balance Board to make you character run on screen. But now I am in serious danger of overdoing my workout in the initial stages. I have already done 67 minutes on the Wii today most of which was this one game.

This is the main console. 

This is the balance board that you stand and run on. This pack also contains the Wii Fit Plus CD that contains the training software. It has lots of activities and games, one of them is the Obstacle Course. :) 




p00ja said...

Gosh where do u get the time, and u say u want to manage time more!

Sunil Goswami said...

@Irfan, thanks, Irfan ji. It is fun.

@Pooja, I am not working these days so I have more time, but with biphasic sleeping, I'd still get time even with a full time job. If I can utilize the time that I have instead of just timepass, it'd be amazing.

Ritu said...

Hmmm Sunil...I often wonder what utilizing time really is?? When we read fiction, watch movies or blog are we wasting time or utilizing it?? If these are indeed time-wasters then my whole life is ruined!!! lolz

Sunil Goswami said...

Ritu, I can answer that but actually I already have before, so I'd just quote from my own blog - Check out this post :)

And as I do this I am reminded of another quote, "The way to become boring is to have said everything." Now it looks like I have said everything. I should stop blogging before I boring.

Ritu said...

Ah Sunil...that's not being boring at to have clarified our thought processes on major issues in life.

Again I was thrilled to read your words 'Society has conditioned us such that any activitiy that is related to
money making, anything that has even a remote possibility of bringing in
money, is not a waste. It's utilization of time'

In one of my posts 'is making money the only use of one’s talents?? As someone remarked “I can’t afford to waste my time making money”. This holds good for me. With loads of time I’m able to express my talents (whatever little talent I have that is) in various ways through blogging, photography, etc. True this doesn’t earn me a penny. But the joy & satisfaction that I get more than makes up for the money I don’t earn. After all what is money but a means to an end of achieving happiness?? If I achieve that end by bypassing the conventional mean, so much better. I really loved the way in Victorain Novels as soon as a guy landed in some money by way of inheritence etc. he immediately gave up a career & settled into a life of peaceful leisure pursuing the finer things in life.'

Again spooky similar thoughts, eh??!!!!

Ritu said...

Perhaps you should do a full tutorial dummies style for ignoramus people like me...this looks very very interesting way to stay fit n have fun...I am interested in this but don't have a clue about the ABCs of wi-fii gaming n such

Sunil Goswami said...

Ritu, in response to your first comment, I don't agree with you on the topic of leaving everything and spending a life of leisure as soon as you get money. If we don't have to work for money, we should still be a contributing member of society.
And I am sorry, but "money is a means to achieving happiness?" If that were true all you would need to be happy would be a Mastercard! And all the rich people in the world will be the happy people and vice versa. I am sure you know well that that's not true. Expect a new blogpost on this topic. :)
While money is not the do-all and be-all of everything people these days seem to believe, it still is a useful barometer for a lot of things, for example the quality of work.

Sunil Goswami said...

Ritu, in response to your second comment, I am assuming that you are talking about a manual for the game Obstacle course. It's not wi-fi gaming, it's just Wii gaming. Wii is a gaming console by Nintendo.
It's not a question of learning how to play, that's easy, it's just a question of buying the hardware and software. I am going to update the post with links to the items on Amazon so you (and subsequent visitors) can see item descriptions and other details.

Ritu said...

Ahhh...I see Sunil you've a long way go to master the fine Art of Leisure :P lolz...I believe I can be a contributing member just being calm zen like presence itself is a gift to the world..I live as an end to myself not as a means of contribution to others...ummmm...these are very esoteric fundas & I guess for now it will be okay to agree to disagree...looking forward to further info n links..silly of me to say wifi 'cos that obviously is wireless fidelity but everything in the world of gaming is greek n Latin to me

Wind TV said...

Nice, you have a Wii. I have one too. Did you know it has similar specs to Samsung Galaxy S specs (1GHz single-core and a similar GPU)? I have over 100 games, however about 95% of them are pirated. I hope Nintendo doesn't expect me to pay 30 euros for a game I can't play online? That's what my PS3 is for. Yup, Sony has taken a lot of money from me, and probably will for my next phone (don't worry, it's not Xperia S, or Xperia P, or any other phone without microSD slot).

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