Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 88 - 18th April

I could successfully do Everyman 3 today. Success in the way that I took 3 naps and stayed awake rest of the time. But all the awake time was not full-energy, so I do need some more time to adjust to it.

The first nap that I have already mentioned in the previous log was from 0630 to 0716.

Nap 2: 1405-1430. Why from 1405? Because I was doing something and took me 5 minutes to wrap it up but I set the alarm for 1430, confident that I would be able to fall  asleep in 5 minutes. And did I? You bet I did! I fell asleep in 4 minutes. How do I know? Well, I woke up at 1409 from a sleep or hypnogogic stage, looked at the time and immediately fell back into sleep.

Woke up at 1430. Felt fresh and recharged.

I don't know what energy levels to report, but I still felt sleep dep. Still when I did Wii fitness, I could easily cross30 minutes. And today I broke my Obstacle Course record, finishing the Advanced level for the first time. Also figured out how to do Hula Hoop properly and almost broke my all time record there. Also broke my record in both Basic and Advanced levels of Snowball fight. Got 4 stars in Obstacle Course, and both levels of Snowball fight.

Nap 3: 2000-2030. Good nap again. Sticking to schedule as well.

Then started feeling sleepy about 2300. Went to bed at 0000 with alarm for 0300. No room for falling asleep time as I thought that could be absorbed in the unevenness of the sleep cycles.

Woke up at 0330, somehow. Very sleep dep but stayed up and started the computer. 

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