Monday, April 11, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 80 - 10th April

I woke up late today and it made a difference to my day. I did feel pressed for time, esp. in the evening. To be fair, it had something to do with the fact that I have to call a few people in India during a 2-hour window of time in the evening. And my nap time is very close to that also. But still I felt less relaxed than I do when I wake up at 5 am or before and get to do everything I want to do.

I didn't get to play on my Wii today even though I wanted to. At one point I was thinking about going for a run, but that also had to be shelved because of the time crunch.

Nap: I did try to take the nap from 1750 to 1820, but the days are so bright now that I could feel sunlight blazing into my eyes even through the closed blinds. I tried this blindfold that I have, sleep's a sleep mask, blindfold sounds so naughty. Anyway, I tried it but although it blocked the light very effectively it was not very comfortable. I sleep on my side and the mask kept slipping every time I put my elbow under my head. As a result I remember rolling over from side to side several times and at least once I did go into sleep also, but I don't know how much sleep I actually got.

Right now it's 2228 and I am feeling alright. We'll see what effect it has on the night's sleep. The plan is to take 4.5 hours since I can't try E3 on just one unsatisfactory nap.

Morning 11th: Went to bed at 0115 and set the alarm for 0600. And I did wake up at 0600. It wasn't much trouble to stay awake. I did hit snooze once but that was just to get some time before I had to tackle the CAPTCHA.

Energy level: 100%
Body: Left shoulder sore for some reason, no idea why.
Health: Perfect
Mood: Relaxed, leisurely

I have since played on Wii for half an hour, done other stuff and still feeling great!


Bikramjit said...

what game did u play on WII, I am playing Black Ops these days on my PS3 :)

have a great day tomorrow .. where abouts do you live ...


Sunil Goswami said...

Hi Bikramji, I play the Obstacle Course which is part of the Wii Fit Plus program. It's meant for exercise and is very engaging as well. Best of both worlds.
I am in fact looking for some good Wii games but the problem is I have never liked first person shooters.

Thanks for your wishes.

I live in Kent in England.

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