Sunday, April 10, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 79 - 9th April

This is the beauty of waking up early on biphasic, there is time enough to do everything! I could do breakfast, Second Life, blogging, and some other stuff and still find time to take a nap and get ready easily with time to spare. And all this before 1400 hours.

Nap: 1050-1120. I was feeling sleepy so I just did one. It was very nice, easy to sleep, easy to wake up and felt refreshed after. It made me happy also because this meant that I could still keep biphasic routine tonight. I don't really like monophasic any more.

After an active, productive, fun day I was back about 2200, so no time for an evening nap.
But even then I did take out 20 minutes to play some obstacle course. Performance was quite good though not perfect.

Morning 10th: I stayed up with some effort and finally went down at 0125 with an alarm for 0600. I did wake up, turned the alarm off and slept more. Till 0814. No rationalization,  I just realized it was Sunday, felt lazy and enjoyed extra sleep. At 0814, I woke up without an alarm.

Now that I think about it, I think it was because I didn't get a proper evening nap yesterday. The morning nap kept me going all the way last night, but not till this morning. So I needed more sleep. Other than that, quality of sleep was great as usual and energy levels today are perfect.

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