Friday, April 01, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 70 - 31st March

This was a monophasic day. I don't like them much but they are a necessary evil.

It was my last day on the current job so it was quite hectic. Then right after exiting the office I had a social engage so I didn't have any chance of having a nap. I was not likely to feel any drop in energy today as I was moving around pretty much all the time. No time to get bored.

Then  I got home about 2030 and found that I was tired. I don't like the fact that even if walk a couple of miles I feel that later. But nothing to be done about it until I start my workout routine which I have been planning for a long time now.

Since I was tired, I didn't try to stretch my day I just went to bed at 2200. Got a couple of calls between 2200 and 2300, both times I was already asleep. After each one I went back to sleep.

I had set the alarm for 0400 for a 6 hour sleep but when I woke up at 4, I decided to sleep a couple more hours. It was not a slide back but a deliberate, rational decision. Or so it seemed at the time. When my mind is full of sleep rationalizations are easy to come by.

Finally woke up at 0609 after snoozing the alarm once. But after 0600 I was pretty much awake. It was quite easy to wake up and felt great.

Energy levels: 100%
Body: Fine
Health: Cold almost fully gone
Mood: Productive/Creative

Actually, I had plans to take a nap around noon since I knew evening nap would not be possible owing to a business engagement late afternoon. But I had good energy levels so I didn't remember that plan.

I don't know how the log will go from day 71. I expect to be in-between jobs for a week, maybe less, and whatever time I have I really want to try Uberman during this period. On a logical level it's stupid, in a short span like a week or 10 days I'd get all the horribleness of Uberman like sleep deep and fatigue but will have to give up before the benefits really kick in, when I join the next job.

On the other hand, I am trying this from a position of strength. My body is already well-trained on biphasic. My naps are amazingly great. So I'd most likely be able to sleep through all my naps which is usually the problem with Uberman adaptation period that people can't sleep through the naps and get sleep deprived.

And who knows, I might get a chance to keep it up in my next job. this space!

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