Friday, March 11, 2011

The other side of amazing

I was talking about how people are amazing in an earlier post. Well, there's the flip side to this.

Recently there was a problem with some Android apps where some developers (I shouldn't call them developers, normal developers are good people, let's call these people the nasties), they had developed apps that were malicious like the computer viruses. If you installed those apps they could gain control of your phone and even access your personal information. So, when Google found out, they used a remote kill switch to delete these malicious apps from all users' phones. Now, I think that was a good thing and no scare was caused.
But, listen to what Peter Pachal from had to say about it, and I am quoting from the Metro newspaper. "But going into my phone and erasing software - no matter how bad it may be - strikes me as a vaguely Orwellian thing to do."

That's like saying, "Thank you very much, Mr. Fireman, for rescuing my wife from the burning building, but I'd rather a strange man didn't touch my wife."

[If you are wondering what Orwellian means - Click here.]


Always Happy said...

Last line mein gadbad hai!

Sunil Goswami said...

Oh really? Kya gadbad hai?

Sagar Goswami said...

Boss last line me gadbad to mujhe bhi lagi, but Chota muh aur badi baat, isliye main nahi bola :)

I'm not pretty sure if AH means the same but I feel mistake in this line:- but I'd rather a strange man didn't touch my wife.

Sunil Goswami said...

You'll have to be more specific mate. I just read the line again a few times, and didn't notice any mistake.

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