Friday, March 25, 2011

Hold the elevavator, please!

You know this feeling when you arrive at work, you have been walking fast from the station or bus stop to make it in time, you run up the steps, you go through doors like you are running a hurdle race, and you get to the elevatorbank and.....and you stop! After all the urgency and speed, you are obliged to cool your heels in that corridor after you press the lift button! What an anticlimax!

Happens to me every morning!

But not this morning!

As soon as I rounded the last corner I saw one lift ready to go up, the doors just closing. At the precise moment when I saw them the doors were about 50% closed. I covered the remaining distance in 2 swift steps and shoved my hand between the double doors that were now 75% closed and still closing. As soon as my arm passed through doors..the doors kept closing! 

Have you seen those Ninja movies where the Ninja takes out his long samurai sword and chops down in smooth, fluid motion? I did that...just without the sword and upwards instead of down. The doors, even though they were 90% closed now, arrested their progress and opened back! Phew, right?

As I entered the lift with the air of a world-champion Samurai, I realized to my horror that there was somebody in the lift! The closing doors had hidden this lady from my view who was a silent witness to my shenanighans with the lift doors with wide eyes! 

I took out my earphones and apologized, "I am sorry. I hope I didn't scare you." 

She started laughing, "No, no, it's ok. But you are very brave to push your arm in like that!" 

"Oh," I replied non-chalantly, "I know where the sensors are now."

You see, just last Friday one of my colleagues had told me where the sensors are between the lift doors, and by chopping upwards I had been able to intercept the beam and stop the doors closing. 

She started laughing. We had to ride a few floors together and I kept my embarassed silence, but she could not stop laughing. Actually now that I think back on it, I can't stop smiling either. This one will be my most embarassing lift moment for quite a while even though I have others. 

Have you ever done anything as silly as that? 


Sagar Goswami said...

I did this thing several times, but not in Elevator, in Metro Train actually. It was fun while I come running and suddenly went into the Metro while door is half closed. And even fully closed I deliberately open it with my both arm and then went inside. Everyone look at my like Indian Samurai. and for your kind information Metro door is much powerful than Elevator's. And they don't sense anything comes between them. But they can be open if someone open them with normal force, it's not required heavy force to open. Otherwise Once I saw a person travelling stick to the door, when I asked him he showed me his hand bag was still outside the door and he was holding that.

But later I stopped this thing, when I discuss this thing with my friend who is the station controller of Shastri Park Metro Station. He told me that by this way forcefully opening the door, we actually making the Metro system control unreliable, it's actually hurting the program, which work to close the door. He didn't told me much in detail but he indicated me that it's like you are riding a vehicle while half brake pressed, so it'll definitely hurt the system.
Since then I stopped this thing. But whenever I find the Escalator free I always try to run opposite side :)

Sunil Goswami said...

Well, you are a strong, young man so you should be able to easily open them.
But I don't believe that they don't have any sensors. It'd be a huge violation of health and safety standards to build doors that keep closing when there's a body between them. Body, not bag. The sensors would either not detect or not care about the straps of a bag between them. However, if it's a body, or even a hand at the right spot, they'd sense it and stop the doors.

Secondly, I'd be very interested to know what kind of software it is that can be hurt by forcing the doors open. If it can be hurt like that, then it's a crappy design and should not pass health and safety. There's no comparison with bicycle, totally different things.

Sagar Goswami said...

Hmm let me make you little clear here. When Metro's doors closes, it closes in two bouts. At once it closes the door 65% and stop around half second duration, Then it closes the rest. And there's a sensor in the first bout only, where doors closes only 65%, if anything comes between that duration doors stop to close, but it's not an Optical sensor like elevator, it never sense until it touch the body or bag, but in the second bout it closes the door rest of 35% firmly and with fast speed than before. So if anything comes between them people can make sure themselves in the first bout.

On the other hand, door is not very crisp, there's rubber surface which cannot hurt anyone if someone's hand stuck there. But yes if anything comes between which stops the door to be closed firmly, Train will not start.

And Huge violation would only be if anything hurts very badly. If anyone's body comes between doors, he can pull back his hand or can forcefully reopen the doors.

Actually I'm not sure if there is sensor or not, but I don't call it sensor, I'm a regular traveler of Metro, Doors keep on closing, and we are manually stopping them, that's not called sensor. Sensor is something which makes them sense the things between the doors itself, not by human.

I've seen Fat people in the rush hour takes a deep breath while doors were about to close to keep their tummy inside the door :) and after closing they release their breath. And also many times doors hit the people in head or in elbow, but that's okay, not a big deal, after all people hit themselves, not the door hitting them. And not such an injury being seen till now.

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