Thursday, March 10, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 48 - March 9th

Evening 9th:
My guitar lesson was one hour earlier than usual today so I tried to squeeze in my nap by taking it half an hour earlier. Here's how I did it.

I left 15 minutes early and got home at 1721. I was changed in bed by 1724. Took me 2 minutes to get comfortable and set the alarm. And I set the alarm for...wait for it..1750! Yes, I gave myself only 4 minutes to fall asleep from fully awake!

And it worked! I was asleep most likely in 4 minutes, maximum 5. And woke up at 1750 by the alarm. I would have preferred to sleep a couple hours more but it was not very hard to get up still.

Energy levels very good.

Guitar lesson was good, no loss of focus or concentration, learning power as usual.

However, back at home, I started feeling quite sleepy about 2200 and thereafter. Could have been the warm milk in the milk chocolate with my dinner (that's my replacement for tea, btw), or could have just been a need for sleep.

Still, I didn't want to mess up my schedule so I stayed up by force. And in the final hour, watched an episode of Big Bang Theory to lie down and relax while still awake.

Morning 10th:
Finally I went to bed at 2340, 5 minutes earlier than my schedule. I think I was asleep in 5 minutes. Alarm set as usual for 0430.

Woke up at 0407. Slept again. Woke by alarm at 0430. Got up then.

Energy levels about 90%. Quite alert and awake. Only background sleep deep in the hours that followed.

I liked today as, other than breakfast etc, I practiced guitar instead of playing around on SL. If this trend continues I might even get to working out before breakfast.

I am wondering if it would have been better to get up at 0407. For one thing, I remembered the dream I had been having very vividly, but when I woke up by alarm at 0430, no such recollection. Also, that may have been the end of a REM cycle, while the 0430 waking up was definitely forced by the alarm.

It's just the psychological pressure of getting as much sleep as possible so as not to be tired in the day. Even though I know that's not correct consciously, at some subliminal level I believe it. Tomorrow being Friday I might take the chance and get up when I first wake up.

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