Saturday, March 05, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 43 - March 4th

Evening 4th:
I wasn't feeling very sleepy even as I got home about 1715. But then as I relaxed, I started feeling sleepy, about 1745. So, just relaxed but stayed up until 1800 and then napped.

Didn't do any subconscious programming, didn't need to countdown. Fell asleep almost immediately. And woke up about 1822. Much before the alarm. Just got up then.

Almost 20:00 now. Feeling great, fresh, energetic, hungry and in the mood to play guitar after I eat.

Morning 5th:
Okay, not very happy with the inconsistency of biphasic this morning.

Started feeling sleepy about midnight last night. But I didn't want to sleep too early as that ends in oversleeping. So, I stayed up and finally went to bed about 0130, setting the alarm for 0430 (3 hours) and another one for 0700 as failsafe.

I did wake up at 0430, but turned the alarm off. Finally woke up at 0630 and had trouble getting up. Also had a headache. So, I got up, feeling okay other than the headache.

Then by noon I was feeling tired and sleepy. So decided to take a nap, thinking it'd help me acquire some energy for the rest of the day.

Nap from 12:20 to 12:50. It was planned that way. But when I did wake up at 1250, I was still tired, lower back aching, headache still there and very sleepy. So I decided to sleep more without another alarm. Slept till 1358. Again I wasn't happy about it. Was still feeling quite sleepy.

It is astonishing that I can solve the 5-point memory challenge to turn off the alarm without coming fully awake. I am astonished, but not pleased. It pisses me off. I might make the challenge harder. And I have some other ideas to fix this.

For tonight, the plan is to keep the evening nap, sleep 4.5 hours core as I have a busy day tomorrow and won't get time for noon nap, maybe not even for evening nap.

Actually, I am so sick of oversleeping on core, I feel like going for Uberman directly. But I know that won't work out right now. 

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