Thursday, February 24, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 34 - 23rd Feb

Evening 23rd:

I had a nice nap from 1800 to 1830 all as per plan. Also felt as great as I usually do after the nap. Had my guitar lesson and energy, mood, creativity was all great!

About 2300 started feeling very sleep. I think that was because of the warm milk I had in dinner. Warm milk may be considered the opposite of caffeine in this regard. But I am not going to give it up. I might avoid it in the evening hours though. Decided to sleep from 12 to 4 instead of 1 to 5 because of this.

Morning 24th:

Oh, I feel sleepy today. Last night slept at 0000 and set 2 alarms. First alarm would play a video of me playing guitar on my laptop. Second alarm would play the beeps on my mobile.

I didn't wake up in the night, I think.

The first alarm started the playback at 0400. I woke up and paused it. That's the good/bad thing about VLC you can pause the playback so easily with just pressing spacebar.

And I went back to sleep without evening thinking about it.

Second alarm went off at 0500. I woke up and exerted considerable amount of will-power to actually get up.

Good thing today was that after shower and breakfast, instead of playing SL I played my guitar. It's good!

I still feel sleepy and I don't know what I did wrong - sleeping too little or too much? I suspect it's the latter.

I am really tempted to have some caffeine today, but I am not going to. Instead I'll have lots of water.

One idea is to Develop my own video player that cannot be paused or stopped without using task manager etc. Another idea is to make that voice alarm MP3 track.

One more idea is to set up what tasks I am going to do in the morning, before I go to bed.

I'll figure something out.

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