Monday, February 21, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 31 - 20th Feb

Evening 20th Feb:
I didn't get a nap this evening as I had a social engagement today so I got home about 2100. Although I am pretty sure I could have taken a nap at 1800 if I were home, I didn't feel any tiredness or sleep dep. I was my witty, charming self. ;)

After I got home I was still quite energetic and fresh. In fact, it was with shocked surprise that I saw the time was approaching midnight and I must go down for my core sleep.

I think the credit goes to that late morning nap I had for the energy.
Morning 21st Feb:

Went to bed about 0015 last night and set the alarm for 0445.

woke up at 0330 from a sleep cycle. I felt it would be easy to get up. Except that I didn't want to mess up my working day on Monday, and also the warm, seductive powers of sleep really work on me.

Next wake up was 0416. I looked at the time and thought this must be because I had programmed myself to wake up before the alarm.

I could have gotten up then, but I didn't want to. My reason (justification) was that I needed to give my body some time to rest after last evening's sporting activities esp. as I hadn't done that in a long time or any other kind of exercise, despite promising myself and my readers to start soon.

Finally I woke up about 0600. At first I felt bad that I had wasted the morning hours when I could have used 2 hours of sunshine (just an expression, I live in England), but then after a while feeling how my shoulder felt I was glad that I had made the right decision.

Other than the shoulder etc. I feel perfectly fine and fresh. The longer sleep had no negative impact.

I have decided to continue this log, maybe for another 30 days. Even if nobody else needs it, I still want to monitor my progress and it helps me stay focused.

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