Friday, February 04, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 14 - 3rd Feb

So, as you may remember we were going to monitor today's sleep closely, and I did.

Evening 3rd Feb:
I felt sleep dep all day, not severe but enough to be a factor in things. By the time nap time came around I was quite ready for it. And this is the beauty of the new routine that even though I got home about 1740, I was in bed by 1800, ready for the nap, and fell asleep in just a few minutes.

The nap was restful and I felt much better after it. The same feeling of being in-between sleeps was still there but I was awake and alert enough to do whatever I wanted. A bit of caffeine was part of the meal as I like tea with some foods.

Morning 4th Feb:
There was something remarkable about the core sleep tonight.

By the time 0100 rolled around, I was not overly tired but still sleepy enough to be able to go to bed. I went to bed a few minutes after 0100, I think it 0104. It didn't take me long to fall asleep, you'd see why.

I had a couple of dreams, but not one after the other, rather one inside the other. I dreamt that I was on my bed trying to sleep, and then somehow I started to have an OBE. That scared me and I "woke up" but that was yet another dream, or what is known as the False Awakening. FA is quite often (from what I have read) is an indicator of Lucid Dreams and/or instrumental in OBE. In this second dream or false "awake" condition I tried to look at the project time on the clock (that part is true, courtesy of my ex-gf, I have a projection clock that I look at when I wake up in the night), and there was no projection. This usually is considered a good chance to realize that you are in a dream and take control of it. I, however, made an excuse that we must have lost power several hours ago for the clock to run out of back-up battery power also, hence no projection. (The real clock has no battery power, only mains.)

I woke up from this second dream also, coming back into reality, however real this is, and looked at the projected time on the roof. This time the projection was there and time was 01:27!

So, in about 25 minutes, I fell asleep, entered REM state, had a dream, had a False Awakening and woke up. This bides really well for the time to come. :-)

If my body is entering REM state so quickly this means that:
1. I may be able to successfully reduce the total sleeping time to 4.5 hours at a later stage,
2. I might have some Lucid Dreams in the near future, if I stick to biphasic.

This morning, woke up by the alarm at 0555. I don't know why 10 minutes late, maybe I had snoozed the alarm without remembering it later, or it had been ringing for 10 minutes. Still, 10 minutes oversleep is not a worrisome matter.

Since, I was going to work from home today, I could have slept at least another 2 hours, but staying faithful to my biphasic schedule, I exercised my willpower (needed a truckload of this today!) and got up.

It's 15:27,  I have felt some light desire to sleep or nap, but not a big deal. It could be an effect of the weather as well which is cloudy and windy. Next nap in 2 hours 32 minutes!

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