Monday, January 31, 2011

Dil Ki Baat - Blog Ke Saath

I have read somewhere that we bloggers think we are changing the world. Ridiculous notion, isn't it? I mean how egotistical can you get? But believe it or not, there are some bloggers in the blogosphere who have my utmost respect. Why? Because their thoughts move me or their analytical skills impress me or their way of expression inspires me...whatever the reason, I am always looking for new, fresh blogs to read, but unfortunately what you find when you search is mostly the commercial blogs and while I love reading what Google have to say, what I enjoy the most is personal blogs from people who philosophize about everything and nothing.

This morning, through a very round-about route, I came upon a blog that delighted me immensely. This girl writes about the simple things in life, her slant is usually heart-touching and positive. The blog is called Dil Ki Baat Blog ke Saath. Loosely translated it means - Using the Blog to Speak from the Heart.

Here is the link:

Even though she is Indian and the blog is named in Hindi, she posts in English and is an absolute delight to read! The fact that you read my blog convinces me that you'd love hers! Highly recommended!

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