Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 4 - 24th Jan

Let me start with the day. In the morning, I was a bit tired, not much to count, but as the day progressed, I felt more and more sleep deprived. It could be psychosomatic effect of reading too much about Uberman sleep schedule etc.

By the time I got home, at 1830, I was well ready for my nap. So went to bed at 1900, with an alarm for 2045. Woke up at 2048 by the alarm and didn't know which way up was the sky. Got up as per the plan, but it was hard. I was not only tired but the nausea I was feeling before as a result of sleep dep was worse.

I have had a slightly sore throat since Sunday morning, today it was worse, and I have cough, so that would be adding to it. I really can't afford a cold right now otherwise following PureDoxyK's advice I'd have to stop with biphasic for the time being. Definitely don't wanna waste my already spent effort. I am on day 4, almost halfway through the adjustment period. :-D

Planning to take some vitamin C to avoid the fate worse than death - cold!


Okay, I can see that things are going to get interesting.
I had the alarm set for 0545. But I woke up at 0522. Feeling completely tired and very much in need of sleep. Tried to decide if I want to sleep till the alarm or this is the right time to wake up as it would be the end of a cycle.
It didn't seem like the end of a cycle judging from how deeply in the grips of sleep I felt. Then I blinked!
It was 0548 and the alarm was ringing. It took a lot more willpower than yesterday to prop an elbow and decide that I will be getting up. And today it was not about work at all, I could have slept another hour easily, it was all about biphasic today!
I think the one thing that did motivate me was to not waste the effort I have already invested in this endeavour. Still, I can't guarantee that I can perform the same superhuman feat tomorrow morning.

No, I am not giving up. I will try my best to do this tomorrow as well, but I can see it's getting harder. Hopefully, only for a couple of days before it starts to get a bit easier.

Another thing that helps (I am listing them all just in case it can help someone else in a similar situation), is to remember that I had just as hard a time (or harder) when getting up after a "normal" night. When I try to do any of my personal projects done, I don't get more than 6 hours of sleep, usually less.
And everybody knows that 6 hours of normal sleep is not the same as 6 hours of biphasic.
Energy level today, quite low, though a warm shower helped.

At the station got my drink. I have changed to Chai Latte since yesterday which is weaker than Latte but it still helped.

The cough is still there. I had ginger tea last night. It might have helped but I also had an omelette so maybe they canceled each other out. I really, really hope I don't get a cold. Even used a scarf today to wrap my throat.

Normal morning feeling was definitely with heavy sleep dep overtones, but coffee helped. Fortunately I have lots of work today so I wouldn't be battling boredom and sleep dep at the same time. That's a deadly combo.

Regardless of whether this experiment works or not, at some point in my life, when my schedule allows it, I plan to try the Uberman or Everman sleep schedule. But for now, let's stick to Biphasic.

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my thoughts of the day said...

I was tired when I got up as well. And I'm still trired now...I might actually be a little sick. I don't know. Very intersting blog. I enjoy reading it.

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