Monday, January 24, 2011

Biphasic sleep log - Day 3 - 23rd Jan

I just realized something about this log - the two parts of my sleep actually fall on different days. My evening nap is before midnight, so in the first date, then the core sleep falls after midnight into the next day/date. Without realizing it I started reporting the times in a cross-date manner, that is combining the nap and the core sleep that follows it into one day. That, I think, is sensible and that's how I am going to continue keeping this log.
So this day will talk about the nap on Sunday evening, plus the core sleep after that which technically falls on Monday.

Continued with biphasic today. Had a Salsa class all afternoon that ended at 17.15 in London. Got back about 19.00 and decided to take the nap from 19.30. Set the alarm for 21.15 with 15 minutes falling-asleep time. Woke up about 21.00 however and decided to just wake up. Maybe it was my housemate's TV in the next room that woke me up but it felt natural to stay up.

Did feel a bit tired especially in the legs but that might have been more to do with the 4-5 hour Salsa class then the sleeping.

Core sleep: Left everything at 0100 and went to bed by 0110. Set the alarm for 0545, including you know, the falling asleep time though cutting it down a bit.
Took a while to get to sleep, as I saw 0115 on the clock, maybe as much as 0130 which I didn't see.
Woke up at least twice in the night, both times roughly falling on the 90-minute sleep cycle boundaries. First one was about 0247, second somewhere after 0400. I did have a drink of water both times, though I am not sure if I woke up from the thirst or just being in-between sleep cycles the thirst prevailed over sleep. Both times fell back into sleep easily and quickly.
Woke up at 0547 with the alarm ringing. I use an app called Gentle Alarm on my Android phone. It gives me the option to fade in any sound when the alarm rings. I have set it to an MP3 playlist with shuffle option and a fade-in time of 2 minutes. So, I think I would have woken up exactly at 0545 if I had set a loud alarm.
I was not feeling as much in the grips of sleep as I usually do so I could get up with only a mild dose of willpower. The fact that it was a working day might have added motivation though I doubt it was much. I had the option to leave by 0740 today, so I could have slept till 0700 if I wanted to.

Decided to leave at 0640 instead of 0740 now that I was up. At the station I decided to try Chai Latte instead of my usual Latte, so less caffeine. That might be the reason why I am yawning a bit now but we'll observe the rest of day and I'll edit this entry to add the day's observations.

Though, the funny thing is other than the yawning I feel great in the body, fully refreshed, no tiredness, aches or pains. I did use my favourite muscle relaxant Moov last night even though I didn't really need it, simply not to mix the Salsa tiredness with the sleep adjustment tiredness.

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