Thursday, April 16, 2009

Memories of South Africa

I don't know who to blame, I took so many photos in South Africa and now I can't find a single one of them. 

But let's start from the starting. I have a G1, that's the latest in cellphones, they call it the Google phone, the grandfather of iPhone, iPhone killer, Android phone, and a few more names....but it's supposed to be the Cat's whiskers, the dog's doodads, the works! And it is!

More about that phone some other time, right now I am lamenting the loss of my photos. I had such a hectic schedule in SA that I hardly got time to take out my digital camera. But I had my G1 with a 3.2 megapixel camera and on the long road journeys I snapped quite a few photos...don't worry I wasn't driving. 

But somehow, when I got back I had none of those photos on the SD card. So, now all that I have left from that trip is this one photo that I posted from the phone directly to my Picasa albums (I told you this phone is the space-age thing). 

This photo was taken on the way back from Johannesburg to the O R Tambo airport. The car was rushing on at about 140-160 kmph, but see the clarity of the photo, it's not my magic, it's the G1. 

Hey, I just remembered there were others who were very active with a camera, esp. one chirpy little girl in my team. I can ask them for the photos they took. :-)

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