Monday, March 31, 2008

The Leap of Faith

Update: hehe...I am on a video-blogging spree these days so I am adding the video clip to which I refer in this post. This one is from dubbed version of Spiderman 1 but I guess a smashed face is a smashed face in English, German and Dutch. *grins*

Have you watched "Spiderman"? I am talking about the first part where he starts to get all these powers. Remember the scene when he starts realizing that he may have some special powers as a result of that bite from the radio-active spider, where Peter Parker wants to test his spiderweb cord and jumps from one sky-rise building to another, across a main New York road? When I saw that I was like, "What an idiot! Why the hell do you want to risk breaking every bone in your life for that?". In my view, the same thing could have been tested with a much smaller, and therefore, safer jump. That's common sense. That's valid logic.

Well, since then I have realized that many times in life you have to take a leap, a big leap, a leap of faith. That leap carries an element of risk, you know that you don't know what's ahead, but you take the leap anyway. It was a long time back when David Lloyd George said, "Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated; you can't cross a chasm in two small jumps". There are many times in life when a big step is indeed indicated. It may be the decision to start a new venture, embark on a new journey, start a new relationship or maybe just to change a habit or a pattern, many times you have to take a jump into the unknown. History shows, if anything, that people who take risks are more successful in achieving what they set out to.

I think behind the mentality of taking a risk, there always has to be a mindset of taking responsibility for your actions and your life. If you are one of those people who think that God, or life, or Nature, or your parents, or your boss, or somebody has screwed up your life and that's why you are miserable, you'd probably not be willing to make a change in your current situation mainly because you think that your life is not a result of your actions and your choices. But if you accept this basic fact then you will be more willing to take control of this life, make a change and that kind of change almost always involves risk.

If you have this firmly established in your mind that you are the one who is in control, not some universal puppet-master or some unknown force then the unknown variables will not scare you that much. There is a majority of people who advocate common sense, logic, the "practical" approach to life, who make a good case for the safe approach, the secure way of living. If I look around though, I don't see if any of these practical people have achieved anything spectacular. Any great man that I see, has taken a risk in his life, at some point, most of the time that leap was the turning point of his life - be it Bill Gates or Gautam Buddha.

Oh well, I can keep rambling on in my usual fashion but I think you got my point!


vicky beco said...

yu right your actally right that makes alot of sense people should take a risk to do something better you are a very smart person even thow i dont know you if you dont take a risk your never gonna do something awsome something people will always remind like justin bieber he is a singer but althow he never imagine people was probobly gonna call him gay but even thow they did he didnt and still doesnt care everybody should be like him even thow they have bad critics a risk is all you need in your life so I just hope you can think like this for ever and ever... your welcome my friend LoL :D

Sunil Goswami said...

Thanks, Vicky. That's very kind of you. I wrote that post about 4 years ago, but I am still thinking the same way, doing new things, taking risks and enjoying life in the process. :)

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