Friday, July 13, 2007

A slice of my life

Ok, so here I am running through the lunch-hour rush of Town Center and
thinking, "Man, you should be in better shape if you want to do this!"
but still I made it almost to the Post Office without collapsing and
still had spare breath to talk. So far, so good.

I managed to get my envelope back before they could send it down into
the huge pile in the back from where it'd impossible to find. Just in
the nick of time though. I did so tell them real reason for taking it
back and if they thought it stupid of me to forget putting the passport
in with the form, who cares? I did not even lower my voice, let everyone
know I goofed! Osho says that's the medium kind of humor when you laugh
at yourself. The lowest is when you laugh at others and the best when
you laugh at life. Hey, I must be growing!

And then the run back to the bus stop. I did not have the consolation
that the bus might be late, it's the company bus, it leaves right on the
dot. So, one eye on the watch and one on the road, except when I crossed
the road, still running. Hey, I am growing, I don't care what people
think when they see me running when everyone else is walking, I know
when not to take a risk and I don't give up!

Judging by time alone, it was touch and go, I might make it or not.
Should I give up and let my tired legs rest? But giving up is so
easy...just stop running, just stop trying...close your eyes and let the
darkness envelope you...but the struggle is both physical and every step your mind is giving you the alternates, telling
you the advantages of giving up, the risks, the changing odds, defeat is
almost certain...and yet you keep going, one step at a time, adamant to
give it your best no matter what the odds...

I made it to the bus with 1 minute to spare. Completely out of breath
and sweating all over. But happy!

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