Friday, June 22, 2007

Don't fight the weather!

A joke that I made after living a few weeks in England.

Question - "How do you know it's Friday afternoon?"

Answer - "Look out the window, if it's raining, it's Friday afternoon."

But as Lazarus Long says to his great-great-great grandson in "Time
Enough for Love" - "Don't fight the weather!".

I am trying to learn that these days. Even though born in the country
where rain means better crops and more food, I am not a big fan of rain
because it means muddy streets and water-logged roads. What I am
learning is that the rain will come down, no matter if I say, "Damn!
It's raining again!", or if I say, "Wow! It's raining again!". Rain will
fall just as it wants, the only effect will be on my mood depending on
my outlook.

So, when it rains this weekend, I am going to open the curtains, crack
open the window, pull a chair close to the window and enjoy the rain
while I read Heinlein.

The same applies to so many other things in life, things you can't do
anything about but you insist on wrecking your mood for them. Next time
you are going up in fumes about something, take a second and think, "Are
you fighting the weather?".

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