Monday, April 23, 2007

You burnt it, you eat it!

Okay, so after eating pizza for almost every meal at home for so many
months I finally decided to be more open to change. Actually, it was
less to do with the fact that I was getting bored with pizza and more
about the same question by my friend on chat, "What are you eating
today?" which she had started to follow up with, "Please don't say

Well, since hunting for and getting basmati rice around here might be a
project too big for my lazy bones I decided on the next best thing, to
try and make an omelette. Now, my friend is similarly challenged in the
culinary department (as everybody knows) but she knows how to make an
omelette and she was ready to guide me.

I even made a trip to the grocery store which I never do on the
weekends, but I had no eggs.

Ok, so the adventure started with her telling me on Yahoo messenger how
to break an egg and how to separate the yolk. For a strict vegetarian,
(other than eating omelette which I have learnt in the last few years),
it was a gross job, but I did it and survived it. Step-by-step she
guided me and I, like a good student, followed the directions.

But there's just so much you can do on Yahoo messenger, and I still
managed to burn the omelette. Not to a crisp, but part of it and the
salt was excessively exceeding the expectations....but hey, you made it,
you eat it. Those are the rules. If it's your own creation, you can't
just throw it into the bin, unless it's beyond consumption. Kind of like
the code of the ship's captain to stick with the ship. Kind of like the
fact that you can't learn to ride a bike until you fall a few times.
Kind of like you go home with your wife no matter how many prettier
women you see in the party..(hehe, I know I am bad!).

When I told my friend about the results her only response was an
exasperated, "Pah!" but she also agreed that when you burn it you gotta
eat it. Noblisse oblige and whatnot.

Well, the next day I made another one, less burning, less
excessive-salt, more eatable. Who knows, maybe third time lucky? ...


Anonymous said...

Oh so you got a poor survival instinct friend!!! you better wean away from the obnoxious pizzas!nothing against Italians :) i

Sunil Goswami said...

Hi peace,
Thanks for taking the time out to comment but:
1. "Oh so you got a poor survival instinct friend!!!"
I can't follow your logic, would you like to explain?

2. wean? Are you sure it's the right usage for that word? I don't think so!

3. "obnoxious pizzas" - again, I can't follow your logic. How do you arrive at the conclusion that pizzas are obnoxious?

4. I don't hate Italians either, but I do hate Italian pizza. I like only American or the way they make it in India.


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